Game of Thrones S8 E1 Reaction Part 1 "Winterfell"

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 15, 2019
  • What a great opening episode!!! The action was light (but that'll change)and the feels were real!!!

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  • Age Of The Witch

    Age Of The Witch

     9 months ago +3

    My favs are here :)
    I stayed off the internet completely for 12 hours will post my reaction and review tomorrow , love seeing you all watching as a family i know you already did but i mean you doc joining on cam is awesome .
    My predictions are in my prediction video but throne wise Dany will give up the throne and Jon will die again after killing the night king by light bringer's which he will forge by killing Mellisandre as I'm betting she is neesa needs . Either Sansa /or Sansa and Tyrion / Arya and Gendry ( at least in the north )
    People who will live
    Sam , Messandai , Gilly , Gendry , Arya , Sansa , Bran will warg forever or something like that !
    Someone is waking up or more than one in the crypts Brandon the breaker is a possibility in my opinion so is Lyanna Stark .
    People am worried about
    Lyanna mormont , Hot pie ( will probably become a wight pie ) , Davos , Brienne and Tormund.

    People who will probably definitely die
    Mellisandre , Varys , Davos , Jaime , Cersei , Euron , Cyburn
    Podrick Payne , Bronn , Grey worm

    People who will die and turn
    Or who died already and coming back .
    Karsi ( the female wildling leader) I feel she was just there to die to turn and kill someone of importance ! She did lose most her family members fighting the crows so yeh she isn't there to play around, Hodor , Stannis ( just my prediction apparently not many agree lol ) , Hot Pie definitely a wight pie , Grey worm i have a feeling he might go after Messandai.
    They are really pushing theons death and it's likely however I don't think they will go for a typical redemption story with him dying if they are making us feel it maybe am wrong but maybe they will switch it up last minute to show he earned it simply because I understand how GRRM mind works and it isn't about death for him it's about who earned their lives which in this case could be either but I think this is theons story not yaras.
    Barik will also die but don't think he will turn just dead for the last time. Jorah might die and turn don't see him surviving all this but who knows maybe he'll get Dany after all 😅 .
    I also think Benjin might not be dead ! Just because if he has this piece of dragon glass in heart wouldn't that help not turn him still! If they didn't tare him apart that is.

  • John Peisithanatos

    John Peisithanatos

     9 months ago

    just finished 2nd episode!!! build up too i knew ep. 3 was THE BIG BATTLE!! ep 2 was great too wont spoil, i'm watchin as always 2 more times tonight reruns!!.....arya got tits wanted to see nipple just sayin!!!

  • oliver stoned

    oliver stoned

     9 months ago

    what do dragon's eat....anyway

  • Rob Tintelnot

    Rob Tintelnot

     9 months ago

    Anna came up with a new word. Survivalry. I'm adding it to my vocab.

  • Haistapaska01


     9 months ago

    To mutch TALKING.

  • Zachary Thelen

    Zachary Thelen

     9 months ago

    I'm not crying you're crying

  • BetaArtemis


     9 months ago

    actually jon didn't bend the knee to save the north, he never had to, Dany already said she was going North, he bent the knee AFTER she said she was already going to help defeat the Night King, so really, he's either lying here, or he genuinely believes that he did it for the North

  • Richard Barber

    Richard Barber

     9 months ago

    I like Dad's shirt. That's always been my philosophy, and I have one.

  • Night King

    Night King

     9 months ago

    I'm here to cleanse the realm

  • victorsixtythree


     9 months ago

    Great to see you all together...watching NEW episodes!! Woo-hoo!

  • AR Sile

    AR Sile

     9 months ago +1

    ANNA!!!!!! yey!!! I really miss you guys!

  • Reischa Parker

    Reischa Parker

     9 months ago

    Don't worry cutie pie...I cried too!

  • Reischa Parker

    Reischa Parker

     9 months ago

    Hey y'all!! Speaking as a girl from the south I loved y'alls reactions! We are off and running!

  • David Frehler

    David Frehler

     9 months ago

    Anti-spoiler =

  • 0okamino


     9 months ago

    Well, now that your Summer Children have all piled into Winter... here we go!

    Hmmm, I wonder which scene meant the most fo Anna. It's just so hard to tell. ;) ❤

  • locomojoboy2


     9 months ago

    Lol now it’s their turn to laugh at Anna crying.

  • Angela James

    Angela James

     9 months ago +1

    I cried the entire episode. I had tears streaming down my face when Jon and Arya finally reunited. I had to go back and rewatch the episode this morning lol.

  • jdsthird


     9 months ago +6

    10:26: "She's the smartest person I've ever met." ~ Arya Wowzers, BIG endorsement for Sansa! Arya has been to Essos and back and yet makes this statement. Don't sleep on Sansa folks. #TeamAryaandSansa Cheers

  • jdsthird


     9 months ago

    It's great seeing everyone together for the first time (Mark, Anna, and cousins). The fun part is watching the episode a second time with the group. I was the one that kept asking about super chat Mark during live stream. I try to pitch in for great content whenever I can because it is appreciated and valued. Cheers

  • Juliana Franco

    Juliana Franco

     9 months ago

    The best reaction of u guys! U all are awesome! Love from Brazil 💜