trying to deep fry ice cream

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 12, 2020
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  • Adrenaline


     2 hours ago

    2 am
    Me: hmm i should get some sleep
    Youtube: wouldnt you like some deep fried ice cream?

  • Tygafttf


     4 hours ago

    Yall shud try plain noodles in soup

  • A.C. Hawley

    A.C. Hawley

     4 hours ago

    Please shave the mustache. It's time to say goodbye.

  • Nastassia Moon

    Nastassia Moon

     11 hours ago

    I love Julian Vibes man it's so refreshing.

  • Nastassia Moon

    Nastassia Moon

     11 hours ago

    You can use cornflakes to fry meat products or even TOFU. Heck ya try tofu chicken nuggets Julian. Sounds bomb.

  • Nastassia Moon

    Nastassia Moon

     11 hours ago

    I love your polish Julian. I can't imagine your fingers without it now. I can, they were lame before polish lol

  • Kaitlynne Harris

    Kaitlynne Harris

     19 hours ago +1

    Julien: “shape this with your hand”
    Saran wrap: cries in unused

  • KaylaG4153


     20 hours ago

    My mom made fried ice cream once and I believe you’re supposed to coat the ice cream balls in the corn flake mixture and then freeze them solid, like overnight, before frying them.

  • Merp Merp

    Merp Merp

     21 hours ago

    Ok but can you please grow a like mustache mustache, you know those with a swirl at the end (I’m not “bullying” your current one cuz it’s *chef kiss*)

  • Kristen 4real

    Kristen 4real

     22 hours ago

    You can put the ice cream in plastic wrap and shape it that way! To make it easier and less sticky

  • Taylor Jade

    Taylor Jade

     23 hours ago +1

    * gets new cornflakes cuz they're wet *
    * soaks new cornflakes cuz he's double-dipping *

  • Jenna Schievink

    Jenna Schievink


    11:32 dopest shot ever

  • funky0485



    When I worked in a Mexican restaurant we formed the ice cream in to a ball then rolled in corn flakes then put back to set in freezer then fried drizzled with honey whipped cream and chocolate syrup so good !!

  • Josh Bishop

    Josh Bishop

     yesterday +1

    Has Julien made his own ice cream from scratch? Cause I believe he should do it to us.

  • Angela Belle

    Angela Belle


    Cornflake chicken is bomb!

  • Hamilton Anderson

    Hamilton Anderson



  • Darren Joseph

    Darren Joseph


    Do jennas favorite garbage plate thing!!!

  • Funkymonkeyman50



    Man I cannot tell you guys how many times I had to make fried ice cream at the Mexican restaurant I worked at😂 always a mess

  • Farr Off

    Farr Off


    I put granola in my icecream all the time!! same effect but it's all cold. Delicious

  • Lindsey



    I learned to make fried chicken in corn flakes