10 WWE Champions Who Hated Their World Title Reigns

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • These WWE stars might have been Champions, but they hated it!

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  • Nelson Nelson

    Nelson Nelson

     5 days ago

    Here's how I would book eddies title reign

    Wresltemaina 20 Kurt angle

    Judgment day
    big show

    Great American bash
    Big show no hold barred

    Summerslam Kurt angle iron man match

    No mercy

    Survoir series
    undertaker last ride match

    Fatal 4 way
    Eddie g
    Big show
    Kurt angle

    Royal rumble
    Triple threat

    Kurt angle
    Eddie g

    No way out

    Undertaker Hell in a cell

  • Ziad Khaled

    Ziad Khaled

     21 days ago

    How the hell didn't KO enjoy his universal title reign? It was incredible

  • Jake Palmer

    Jake Palmer

     1 months ago

    Nice to see What Culture know how to spell - check out 0:40!

  • Ajay Aulakh

    Ajay Aulakh

     1 months ago

    Keek owwo is a stupid idiot

  • ARW Network

    ARW Network

     1 months ago +1

    seriously, KO again as world champion?

  • Jared Quinney

    Jared Quinney

     1 months ago

    What a list

  • Raouf Swedek

    Raouf Swedek

     1 months ago

    Chris benoit loved being world champion his reign is memorable because it was enjoyable raw was constantly awesome in 2004

  • Alexander Blake

    Alexander Blake

     1 months ago +1

    Kevin Owen's is the best Universal Champion to this day...

  • anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymous

     1 months ago

    At 7:20 did he say groin ingury

  • achim Sinn

    achim Sinn

     1 months ago +1

    Pretty sure Rey Mysterio hated his first run with the title. They kept on booking him against much bigger opponents and had him lose pretty much every non title fight just in order to make him be the underdog at the next PPV. On PPV he than won his title match with a surprise roll up or something. ... Great way to book your champion.

  • NotMeGaming


     1 months ago +3

    1:36 Whos that? neverheardofem. obviouslyamistake. nooneeverexistedbythatname

  • SinSlasher505


     1 months ago +3

    Fun fact: Eddie Guerrero was supposed to beat Batista and Mr Kennedy in a triple threat match and win the world heavyweight title on the smackdown the week he died.

  • Steven Cisneros

    Steven Cisneros

     1 months ago

    Triple H didn't even think if Kevin Owens actually hated his reign as Universal Champion

  • Christopher John

    Christopher John

     1 months ago +2

    Diesel wasn't the champion from 1995 to 1996. It was from late '94 to late '95...just saying

  • Kyle Gardner

    Kyle Gardner

     1 months ago

    Like my comment to petition for new stock images for what culture 😂😂

  • Carlos  Pullin

    Carlos Pullin

     1 months ago

    Michaels still should’ve went over in triple threat at mania

  • WillJM81280


     1 months ago

    Quick, name a classic match the Big Show has had. On second thought, take your time...

  • WillJM81280


     1 months ago

    Kevin “Big Sexy Stilt Legs” Nash.

  • D. Anthony

    D. Anthony

     1 months ago

    Fans actually hated Nash world title reign more the he hated it, fans even hated his world title reign in WCW more 😂

  • D. Anthony

    D. Anthony

     1 months ago

    Fans actually hated Nash world title reign more the he hated it, fans even hated his world title reign in WCW more 😂