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  • Published on:  Friday, November 19, 2021
  • me: lets get to elaborating on the alexsei drama
    brain: what if we..just jumped ahead in the timeline tho

    so yea this one kind of gets ahead of the current plot i have established. by now, luka and orion have separated (rip the luka trio) and luka is alone.

    while this is very plot heavy it also kind of turned into something that meant a lot to me emotionally (as this meme seems to do to a lot of ppl lmao). it isnt really a vent, just something emotional if that makes sense

    basically luka is screaming at himself in a mirror in this. he sees dionysus, who has completely destroyed his life by this point and luka is starting to feel a more legitimate hatred for his other personality

    i couldve spent way more time on this given that im finishing this on a monday and youre probably seeing this posting on a thursday or friday. its kinda low framerate bc if i added any more in betweens i wouldve probably never finished it. you can tell that i mentally checked out by the time i was doing the backgrounds. i was just so..done. any more and i wouldve seriously burnt out. all of the animating took two weeks almost nonstop, do not expect me to do a full minute of no loops for a while lmao this nearly killed me to do

    i wanted to challenge myself with more acting based animation. i wanted to go beyond generic head bobbing and loop dancing so here i present to u this..emotional thing. i hate lip sync. i hate syncing movement to audio. i hate having to think lmao. but im quite proud of what i managed to achieve. animating it was extremely fun. editing it...absolutely not. i was so done by the time i got around to editing, so that part of it is very eh.

    im not the most happy with the final product but i am relatively satisfied with how it turned out as a whole, even though theres a lot of jank to it

    anyway finals are upon me. i dont think ill work on anything in the meantime for my own sanity. trying to juggle this with the oncoming of finals was biting off a little more than i could chew- maybe smthn simple might pop up, but yea


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