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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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    Edited by spyru

    Thumbnails by Naeqo

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    #tsm #myth #fortnite
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  • Vitalik.ma4


     4 months ago +1

    season 0-6:skull trooper most hyped skin☠️🤑
    season6-9:nobody cares bout it even if its an og one

  • Xituva


     5 months ago

    Myth you sould do og Fortnite challenge where you can only use the og guns and setting

  • footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live

    footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live

     5 months ago

    Myth lowkey dummy thicc I ain't even gonna lie

  • PandaBambooGaming


     5 months ago

    i'm late but still he said frucking smh

  • Stratilix


     5 months ago

    What happened to Q as your pickaxe

  • Grislock


     5 months ago

    Myth chipotle ad on a myth video I think so

  • Ahsan Ali

    Ahsan Ali

     5 months ago

    To make this challenge more OG u should have used the tac shotgun and not used the tommy gun

  • Bag Chaser

    Bag Chaser

     5 months ago

    Haven’t watched a myth video since season 3

  • Ibrahim Ahmed

    Ibrahim Ahmed

     5 months ago

    You didn’t use season one wepons

  • Gucci Memer

    Gucci Memer

     5 months ago

    I remember back in the old days where if you had 10 kills you were a god

  • Lorenzo Duggan

    Lorenzo Duggan

     5 months ago +1

    Myth! Dude your material management and building mechanics are insane bro! Way to go on smashing the OG challenge!

  • Cookies And Tacos

    Cookies And Tacos

     5 months ago

    I got a myth chipotle add for this myth vid lol

  • Enrique B

    Enrique B

     5 months ago

    500th comment, now like it

  • Marwan Maged

    Marwan Maged

     5 months ago

    8:27 alright perfectly timed

  • Henry Holt

    Henry Holt

     5 months ago

    REVERTED ALL MY BINDS (Doesn’t touch traps, cones, edit, use and pickaxe

  • StunningTsunamin


     5 months ago +1

    Wish you revert all of them (loadout , edit and roof and trap , use )

  • liljoshboytt pro

    liljoshboytt pro

     5 months ago

    Hi Ali

  • Manosha Karim Elberier

    Manosha Karim Elberier

     5 months ago

    11:56 NO WAAYYYY!!

  • Enmity CW

    Enmity CW

     5 months ago

    Whats the music @0:10 I need it for my video

  • Lenette Leno

    Lenette Leno

     5 months ago

    That timing tho. 👌