I lived in a Luxury Airport for 4 days. Nobody noticed.

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • DISCLAIMER: Do not try to replicate this. Even we entered the airport and missed our flight, however, we had the intention to travel 4 days later. It is not allowed however to enter without the intention of ever traveling.
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    This week, Matt and Thomas lived the Singapore Changi Airport, ranked as the #1 airport in the world, for 4 days to see if it was possible...

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Source: https://youtu.be/BYCETjh4eMc


  • Yes Theory

    Yes Theory

     5 months ago +3618

    Thank you for watching this wild yet strange adventure.. There's 48hrs left on https://www.seekdiscomfort.com/ to cop the Summer Edition. Much love!

  • s Jones

    s Jones

     11 minutes ago

    You were very lucky there wasn’t a law against it. Singapore is so so harsh for anyone breaking the law. don’t dare go back you to find out. Incredibly stupid thing to do. Bare in mind they did check into a hotel. So they wernt sleeping rough.

  • sam .t

    sam .t

     17 minutes ago

    Nobody noticed. Nobody cares.

  • Official Ghost

    Official Ghost

     an hour ago

    My new favorite line, "Do all the things."

  • dreamy drunk as hook

    dreamy drunk as hook

     an hour ago

    haha you failed .the guards discovered you two.

  • dreamy drunk as hook

    dreamy drunk as hook

     an hour ago




     an hour ago

    So basically they kept buying tickets and lied to their followers....

  • Cool guy Flakez

    Cool guy Flakez

     2 hours ago

    We all just watch 2 guys break the law, wow

  • Miss Tiger Stackress

    Miss Tiger Stackress

     2 hours ago

    It would have been interesting in a place that needs security checks and where you would have been noticed, say Manila. :)

  • king mor

    king mor

     2 hours ago

    As someone who has the same vocations as the arm guards, just that work in a military base, I can tell you that they were just doing regular checks. If they were watching you, actual security would come down and escort you to a guard room, no chances would be given if you were criminally suspicious.

  • Omar Epps

    Omar Epps

     4 hours ago

    The reason they didn't get caught it's because they are white simple.

  • Mohammed Ahtesham

    Mohammed Ahtesham

     4 hours ago

    Criminals hahaha.

  • Ying Li

    Ying Li

     5 hours ago

    And the point was?

  • Freedom


     5 hours ago

    Fun adventure.Great viewing.Thanks for this.

  • mooiste benen

    mooiste benen

     5 hours ago

    LOL If these people were black on day 1 they would've been kicked out/arrested/repatriated

  • rifted


     6 hours ago

    Singapore’s realy stricken if you litter you get get lashed/or fined

  • Chicken Butterfly

    Chicken Butterfly

     7 hours ago

    I once saw a CrimeWatch episode of a couple buying a one way ticket just to enter the airport to buy an iPhone. They got arrested when they tried to leave on the same day. Not sure if this constitutes the same offence.

  • Gee


     7 hours ago

    Sophisticated airports are equipped with facial recognition camera system. There's no way they didn't notice you.

  • Phoeni x

    Phoeni x

     8 hours ago

    Is that Singapore airport?

  • Jojay


     9 hours ago

    This is bullshit. I think they saw the sign and decided to edit their two days (or less) stay into looking like 4 days. Or there is a huge possibility this was just an advertisement for Singapore.