BGT - Best Singers Auditions ever - Part 1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 3, 2015
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  • Warryck Scown

    Warryck Scown


    Go James..
    To bad you in the audience were so noisy, some of the song is drowned out with ur racket..
    Really unfair to the talents...

  • J FL

    J FL


    What the hell??? Eva deserve the golden buzzer, what's happen?? OMG so big mystake!!!!How is that even possible, she was awesome! Unbelievable amazing!

  • Patty Wilson

    Patty Wilson

     14 days ago +8

    Oh my gosh, Mickey Damoulin is out of this work!! Should bee an opera tenor!!!

  • im baby

    im baby

     4 years ago +154

    the first guy had the voice of a bloody disney prince omg

  • AliEvaMari


     1 months ago +13

    "Dinner lady, yeah!"
    "He fancy Alesha, he don't like Amanda!" 😂🤣

  • Garden Joy

    Garden Joy

     1 months ago +5

    Best part is... they are all so very likable! And yes, they Can Sing! And I wish you all Very Well! God bless you!

  • Katreina Bell Burton

    Katreina Bell Burton

     14 days ago +2

    Omg you boys had me intears ,bless you and keep singing 🙏🏻🙏🏻💟💟

  • Παύλος Μουντρής

    Παύλος Μουντρής

     4 years ago +31

    I like the lady representing herself,in about 16min,saying she's 40years old,but she looks like being 30,I admire her(nice voice BTW)!!!

  • Cahyadi Abdillah

    Cahyadi Abdillah

     3 years ago +8

    great video... nice editing. thumbs up

  • Gene Kelly

    Gene Kelly

     2 months ago +3

    Well if that rap duo deserve to win the hall game😯👌🙏

  • ScienceAndBandoms


     2 years ago +9

    I swear to god, although my favorite judge is David, seeing Simon mind blown by something is one of the most amazing things in the universe. You see, if I was up there I'd take every insult he throws at me about my atrocious singing with delight and happiness, because there's just one person you can trust that they're not just being nice to you and that's Simon Cowell. When you're shitty he'll definitely tell you, so when Simon Cowell says something is good, it hella damn is.

  • Yuke Wang

    Yuke Wang

     3 years ago +21

    Totally inspired by Eva !

  • Siti Masnor Idanita

    Siti Masnor Idanita

     10 months ago +9

    God on high
    Hear my prayer
    In my need
    You have always been there
    He is young
    He's afraid
    Let him rest
    Heaven blessed.
    Bring him home
    Bring him home
    Bring him home.
    He's like the son I might have known
    If God had granted me a son.
    The summers die
    One by one
    How soon they fly
    On and on
    And I am old
    And will be gone.
    Bring him peace
    Bring him joy
    He is young
    He is only a boy
    You can take
    You can give
    Let him be
    Let him live
    If I die
    Let me die
    Let him live
    Bring him home
    Bring him home
    Bring him home.

  • Victoria Jones

    Victoria Jones

     4 months ago +4

    I absolutely love David!

  • t0h5426


     1 months ago +1

    I loved the first one! I've been learning to play that on piano

  • Carolyn F.

    Carolyn F.

     3 years ago +22

    I liked the first guy but that girl singing Aretha Franklin was off the charts!!! That was perfection!

  • Lorianne AND Carl Swanson

    Lorianne AND Carl Swanson

     4 days ago

    David Walliams MY FAVORITE FOREVER #LittleBritain Computer says no. We are ladies

  • Jim


     10 months ago +12

    Eva Iglesias. what a wonderful voice. strong with a good timber.. good luck ! i wish you all the best .

  • June Jenion-Morgan

    June Jenion-Morgan

     11 months ago +1

    Thank you for this great selection of clips, thoroughly enjoyed them.

  • Daniel Kwayu

    Daniel Kwayu

     4 years ago +6

    they are all amazing.....really great.