Exploiting Everything w/ DrawWithJazza

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • come see us draw like, everything
    Jazza's video: https://www.faceclips.net/video/0kI2JcvEDGw/video.html
    Jazza's channel: https://www.faceclips.net/user/DrawWithJazza

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    Behind the Scenes:

    If you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: https://frdr.us/Jaiden

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    You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :)

    Music: wii shop music from nintendo

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll give you a triangle ▲
  • Source: https://youtu.be/BafBUSuFqUA


  • Noel Wenblad

    Noel Wenblad

     3 days ago

    06.19 Jaiden why!

  • Summer Emata

    Summer Emata

     7 days ago

    Who's Elphabah????
    It's like and Elephant mixed with bah, which is the sound a sheep makes, so she is half elephant half sheep

  • meckma


     7 days ago

    does anyone know what brush Jaiden uses

  • ShoutoTodorki 78

    ShoutoTodorki 78

     7 days ago

    Jaiden: Toros

    Jazza: Porygon 768

    Edit: sorry if I spelt anything wrong

  • Alexander Tugano

    Alexander Tugano

     7 days ago

    Elsa is a 6isnep queen. Or u could say Disney.....

  • D U S T R O S E _CALIBER288

    D U S T R O S E _CALIBER288

     7 days ago

    Quote of the day:
    You win some, you loose a few hundred

  • official official

    official official

     7 days ago

    I love that jazza removed the lips to make it look more like jesus but forgot the breasts

  • Grasshopper Clan

    Grasshopper Clan

     14 days ago


  • Chmurka Komentuje

    Chmurka Komentuje

     14 days ago

    Anyone here know Just shapes and beats?

  • Yokai G

    Yokai G

     14 days ago


  • Yokai G

    Yokai G

     14 days ago

    4:44 ITS TIME TO DUEL it will make sense when u seen the entire yugi oh anime

  • Yokai G

    Yokai G

     14 days ago


  • Lucas Skjærris

    Lucas Skjærris

     14 days ago +1

    Wtf 6:18

  • Thefoxiestmonster TFM

    Thefoxiestmonster TFM

     14 days ago

    6:20 What are you doing?
    Jaiden: its not hentai, its art

  • Charlie the Champion

    Charlie the Champion

     21 days ago

    The animals 😭😭😭sad

  • exotic gaming

    exotic gaming

     21 days ago

    4:42 iron golem

  • Garvonsnavle


     21 days ago +2

    Why you gotta bring Jesus into this ;-;

  • Alivia-Leann Bullard

    Alivia-Leann Bullard

     21 days ago

    do animals

  • Arctrog


     21 days ago

    I prefer jazza's cousin/brother (I don't remember which) shad

  • IPhantoms #FBI_OPEN_UP

    IPhantoms #FBI_OPEN_UP

     21 days ago

    God damn weebone now the weird shapes