Doping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 26, 2016
  • Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.

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  • Dave Cullins

    Dave Cullins

     4 days ago

    At this point it makes no sense to follow a career as a natural athlete. Just do your body a favour and skip the drugs and go find something else to do.

  • jigyanshu shrivastava

    jigyanshu shrivastava

     7 days ago

    Inspiration porn

  • Stephen Davis

    Stephen Davis

     7 days ago

    The winner of the Marathon was actually not the guy who rode in a car 11 miles but a guy who took rat poison, brandy, and raw eggs who was half dead. Jon bois does a great video and I wish he used that as a source when talking g about that specific event

  • peter haha

    peter haha

     7 days ago

    I never had a problem peeing after erase, and pissing in front of a tester is not that big of a deal either. You think that nobody who watches John Oliver had ever done any regulated sport or had a drug test otherwise or ever had to submit a urine sample.

  • Adam Walker

    Adam Walker

     14 days ago

    @14:41 So then you're against transgenderism? Or only if they try to actualize their perceived gender in a way of which you disapprove?

  • Moritz Nesbigall

    Moritz Nesbigall

     14 days ago

    So... How did Brandon Schmitt do in Rio?

  • Ayanna V

    Ayanna V

     21 days ago

    Is that...... Derek Klena???

  • Karen Smith

    Karen Smith

     1 months ago

    Just let everyone dope. Then no one will have the upper hand.

  • Ineichen


     1 months ago

    Glad to know Olympic piss tests are done the same way as the Army's, Though I would assume with less messing with the observer.

  • J.R. Wavy

    J.R. Wavy

     1 months ago

    Ironically, there would be steroid enhanced meat in that footlong.

  • City of Roses 1845

    City of Roses 1845

     1 months ago +1

    My name is Pound, Dick Pound.

  • Coldasdhonkymotherfucker


     1 months ago

    That was a meth pipe sir not a crack pipe

  • Coco Loco

    Coco Loco

     1 months ago

    ALL swimmers want a sandwich while in the pool.

  • Phil Email

    Phil Email

     1 months ago

    She got beat by what, 4 people? Were all of them doping?

  • This Face Believes You

    This Face Believes You

     1 months ago

    15:13 Ummmmm... you feel bad for her until you hear she finished 5th . Were the second, third, and fourth placed runners doping as well?

  • maximumrisk2004


     1 months ago

    I think the rules as they are, are just fine. They give the cheaters a limit to cheat and otherwise keep it somewhat fair, you cant expect everyone to play by the rules. That is not going to happen.

  • H-to-O


     1 months ago +4

    Oh hey, neat to be watching this video in 2019 now that Russia has been banned for continuing their doping scandals!

  • id513128


     1 months ago +3

    Finally, FINALLY! WADA ban those Russian from both Olympic & World Cup!

  • Gotha 229a

    Gotha 229a

     1 months ago +1

    I give this skit a 1mil\10, super funny

  • itsawrapent


     1 months ago

    That’s truly sad. So of these ppls bust they ass to train to legitimately win a medal, they need to really work this shit out for real