The Lele Pons Kylie Jenner Divide, 3D "Ghost Gun" Dilemma, & The French Smartphone Ban

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     3 months ago +1023

    Do you think it's important to put that device down and disconnect sometimes? Let me know your thoughts down below!
    Insta Money(00:06), France Phone Ban(3:47), TIA(7:14), Ghost Guns(9:08)

  • D Bone

    D Bone

     1 months ago

    I only know Pewds. Heard of Lee Lee Ponz... Not sure of what she does... Never heard of any of the other "influencers".

  • JustChloe


     2 months ago

    What I find interesting is that, where I live schools are beginning to ban phones all together where as my school makes us bring phones and laptops in order to do our work

  • Glam&Gore


     2 months ago

    I understand the argument against being able to have cell phones in class. I agree it’s a good idea to disconnect more, especially kids and young teens, but ultimately I think they should be able to have a cell phone in school with them if their parents want them to- for safety. God forbid there was a shooter in the school or nearby, cell phones could potentially help keep those kids a bit safer, quicker. Seems the law that already existed was a nice middle ground.

  • Danielle Ravioli

    Danielle Ravioli

     2 months ago

    the problem with the venom film is that sony cant use spiderman in their film legally and venom doesnt exist without spiderman. eddy brock and the symbiote itself.

  • Mali IsAdørable

    Mali IsAdørable

     2 months ago sounds soo smooth

  • karasawa21797


     2 months ago

    Instagram is one giant thot enabler

  • johnnysasaki


     2 months ago

    7:55 tell that to Movie Bob...

  • Richard


     2 months ago

    I completely agree with saying that students aren't allowed to use their devices during class, and perhaps even while moving from class to class. However, when they're not in class, such as "recess" or lunch, that's supposed to be THEIR time. They should be allowed to enjoy their time to themselves however they want to.

  • Ralph Reagan

    Ralph Reagan

     2 months ago

    No dilemma, free America.

  • MrKevlarkent


     2 months ago

    i dont get his "i grew up in a time when my dad met me at the airport gate" comment?

  • Alexandra Marsh

    Alexandra Marsh

     2 months ago

    When I was in school I when to school I couldn't use my phone and then right after school I went work nd couldn't use my phone. Literally just straining wanting to die from 7:45 in the morning till 10 at night

  • HackPsych


     2 months ago

    Regarding the phone ban stuff, I'm not sure why it needs to be a government policy rather than leaving it up to schools but to be fair, it's certainly not going to harm kids to not have their phones constantly on them in school. My school banned all electronic devices on school campus (with the usual exemptions for kids with disabilities, use after school/extra-curriculars to get picked up, for specific purposes requested by your teacher e.g. kindles for reading in English class, my art teacher allowed us to bring phone's/iPods to listen to music while we worked, etc.) You get used to it pretty quickly and since everyone else also didn't have their phones on them you don't come back to an avalanche of notifications, you're not distracted during class, etc.
    Regarding the 3D printed gun schematics being available online, I feel justifiably furious as a non-US citizen that this was allowed to happen without our input or any consideration of its impact on the rest of the world outside the US bubble of self-importance. If US citizens are allowed to post detailed 3D schematics for firearms online without restriction, they don't stay within the US. It doesn't just affect the US where guns are at least legal in the first place, it makes it easier for dangerous people to quickly access untraceable guns all over the world and makes all the non-gun-owning citizens of those countries less safe. Because guess what, in countries with functioning gun regulation it's not gun/freedom/anarchy enthusiasts who will want to 3D print a fucking gun, it's people who want to do actual damage with it to other human beings who are then less safe because they don't expect/prepare to be confronted by some rando with a gun in their daily lives. Yes people could research and learn to code a working schematic for themselves, test multiple prototypes, etc. but to give them all that on a platter is irresponsible and dangerous. Your first amendment rights under your own government's constitution don't give you the right to endanger people all over the world with your idiocy. Having access to a global system like the internet means forfeiting some of the freedoms you might otherwise expect, the internet isn't part of the US and shouldn't be treated like it is. Let this guy turn his blueprints into hard-copies and sell them in the US if the first amendment demands he be allowed to provide this info to people, let him put them in your local libraries, let him run workshops, let him sell them region-locked to the US on fucking Amazon for all I care as long as they aren't on some random website a mentally unstable/violent/otherwise dangerous person can access in seconds, download and print within a few hours anywhere in the world. My opinion on the state of your gun laws is pretty much irrevelant here (though for the record I have many opinions, few of them favourable) this is about the US yet again failing to properly account for the implications of their policy decisions regarding the internet on the rest of us and it will inevitably be directly responsible for deaths of innocent people and it makes me fucking angry.

  • Aromantic Queen

    Aromantic Queen

     2 months ago

    That is wayyyy too much money for lele pons . But that's just bc of who she is and the quality of her content

  • Emily Douyard

    Emily Douyard

     2 months ago

    One thing to note about France is that unlike the United States the government pays fully for their schooling, and it is a very rigorous selection process for colleges and even graduation, so if these students ar being distracted by their phones, it has a direct effect on the government.

  • Eric Gerwatowski

    Eric Gerwatowski

     2 months ago

    Lele is hotter

  • Laura H

    Laura H

     2 months ago

    I grew up with no such thing as a smart phone. This isn't a big deal. I had my iPod for music, but with school I wasn't allowed that either. So......why is this a big deal. Certain places shouldn't have phones. A law is a little extreme, but they shouldn't have phones in school.....

  • subito zx

    subito zx

     3 months ago

    You make your money off of ads worth less than a penny. Popular movies gross like half a billion dollars. You aren’t shit because you don’t make anyone else money but yourself. You also have no power whatsoever, you are at the disposal of advertisement companies and you’ve already witnessed your position in that relationship with the adpocalypse.
    I agree it’s not right, but you have no stock in anything other than views, which may as well be Venezuelan currency

  • Erelas RyAlcar

    Erelas RyAlcar

     3 months ago

    Ok, here's a comment that will probalby get me on someone's "watch out for this guy list".
    What is more scary, being able to go buy a 20 dollar rc helicopter / drone, make yourself a little chlorine or (ugh) acid bomb and quite fully ruin someones life, or, spend half a grand or more on a 3d printer, figure out proper filament, settings, find the plans (or make them yourself using your local library and a BOOK on firearms, find / purchase / manufacture the rounds needed to fire in said 3d printed firearm (which are quite detectable themselves) and risk blowing your hand off or outright killing yourself with a bad print going "boom"?
    If people wish to hurt someone, best to keep them from even a pencil. 3d printed "ghost guns" are, as of this moment, still too much a pain in the butt.

  • Mono


     3 months ago

    Your shirt looks so weird on camera