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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • My Other Channel: Unedited Channel: to support my channel? PO Box: 500 West Chestnut St. P.O 8235 Springfield, MO 85801Follow Me!*Twitter:*Instagram:*Snapchat: jessajayyt*Facebook:*My Medical Journey (In Order) :*For all business inquiries, email me at: mailto:[email protected]*Want me to edit a video for you or give you a channel review? Click HERE: decided to do a whole video on removing my box braids as a white, Caucasian girl, since I don't know how many other videos exist on YouTube about it. So here ya go!
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  • Camryn Engel

     1 months ago

    “And here is my boyfriend.” More like “Here is my dad”Seriously it looks like he is

  • LifeAsGamers

     an hour ago

    Camryn Engel woah he actually does...

  • Soy Sauce

     23 hours ago

    I cut to the last part and rlly thought it was her dad like the fuck omg 😂

  • Bosco Huang

     2 months ago

    "And this is my boyfriend!"Me: Quickly scrolls through comments

  • Try and Gamef Girl *basic black girl*



  • Try and Gamef Girl *basic black girl*


    Bosco Huang sane tho

  • Bomi Komolafe

     1 months ago

    This is where the term 'Daddy' was taken too seriously

  • Hotel Hidaway CC

     23 days ago


  • Jae Jae

     24 days ago

    Bomi Komolafe omgg😂

  • Andrzej Iwanicki

     2 months ago

    Welcome to another episode of..... (drumroll)........ 'What is this doing in my recommended??'

  • Ahmadart1975 Ahmad

     25 days ago


  • Trenity_The Cat Converse

     29 days ago

    MeH too

  • Icy Fusion

     7 months ago

    Your boyfriend looks 40 and you look 15 Like if y’all agree

  • Kerlyn Ramirez

     14 hours ago

    @King Jam why should you tell the cops that's crazy

  • Irina Covașă

     3 days ago

    Lol, I thought that he's her father😂😂

  • Kae Garrett

     2 months ago

    i want a relationship as strong as those braids are hanging onto her scalp

  • Kae Garrett

     3 days ago

    Hobicorner MonArmyMoo yeah....ok

  • Hobicorner MonArmyMoo

     3 days ago

    @Kae Garrett I mean maybe her brides were done a little bit looser on the roots and further from the scalp to prevent the amount the damage

  • XxDolan TwinsxX

     1 months ago

    Plot twist : her boyfriend is secretly cheating on her with her BFF’s mom.

  • BannanaRama9803 BOOM!

     2 days ago


  • Bald As an egg

     20 days ago

    Why are you being this rude? The girl is happy with this guy, why would you ever behave like an asshole and make the girl sad by saying shit like that?

  • Trxsh •-•

     1 months ago

    "this is my boyfriend uwu"me: quickly stops the video and scrolls to comments

  • Sansan Smith

     19 days ago

    Aurelia Santiago um duh who doesn’t like the person there dating as a best friend too

  • Aurelia Santiago

     1 months ago

    I think she likes him also like a boy- friend like a friend too

  • neha doe

     2 months ago

    I was about to say 'Your parents seem so sweet ' ..Nevermind hehe

  • 100,000 subs w/ no videos

     23 days ago

    @salma hosam she thought her boyfriend was her dad

  • salma hosam

     27 days ago

    Why lol

  • Faith Chewning

     3 months ago

    U look like ur 12 and ur “boyfriend” looks like he’s 40

  • Nabila Sarker

     2 days ago

    She is 22 years old but i dont know about her boyfriend though

  • TayTalks

     3 days ago

    Why are all of you being so f’ing rude about it? Who cares