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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
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    I decided to do a whole video on removing my box braids as a white, Caucasian girl, since I don't know how many other videos exist on YouTube about it. So here ya go!
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  • JessaJayVlogs


     10 months ago +1518

    Hey JayFam! I have a few updates for you <3 I've been a little MIA because Justin and I are re-converting Marley (My conversion van) to accommodate a travel buddy coming along with me for some future adventures! I am currently staying in an apartment and finishing these things up, but I have several trips and adventures coming up in the near future, so stay tuned! (PS: Fulltime Vanlife is not over for me!)

  • Autumn Frazier

    Autumn Frazier

     an hour ago

    Water and conditioner in a spray bottle had those out in 1hour 30 mins 2 hrs tops taking out box braids has gotten increasingly easier since I first started lol ..... side note it really tripped me out when I realized there was no added hair but it makes sense they incredibly tiny lol

  • Becky


     an hour ago

    Wait arent those just singles? Lol

  • Anijahnized


     4 hours ago

    I’m just here to see all the black people comment on the culture appropriation... 👀

  • Empowered Goddess

    Empowered Goddess

     14 hours ago

    A lot of wrongs in this video

  • Amya Calloway

    Amya Calloway


    I have more hair than you and I’m 11

  • Break'in !t Down

    Break'in !t Down


    Why the f did she have them in the first place? To be honest it can damage straight/non black hair, and it’s insulting to black culture and our deep history with hair. There are so many hairstyles you can do that don’t appropriate, and this entire video is just a showcase of your white privilege, while we’ve fought to be able to freely wear our hair.

  • lacquer isma

    lacquer isma


    Deep, deep, deeeeeep condition it.

  • JonathanSnowden



    lol looks like slipknot

  • Scarlett Louvin

    Scarlett Louvin

     2 days ago

    girl you look 15 and he looks 35

  • MaKayla Barrett

    MaKayla Barrett

     2 days ago

    She looks 13 but her boy look is going on here😳

  • Misty abd

    Misty abd

     2 days ago


  • Anakinlise 006

    Anakinlise 006

     2 days ago

    When you said Annelise I literally jumped!
    ( there was also some confused screaming )
    I’m an Annelise and I don’t meet a lot of other Annelises oop 😂😅😭

  • Chelsea Lacey

    Chelsea Lacey

     2 days ago

    If you put conditioner in your hair before you detangle it helps. And you won’t have so many knots. It also helps to put in detangler when you unbraid you’re hair

  • Anagela Villalta

    Anagela Villalta

     2 days ago

    20000 likes 20000 lives for the cat

  • Sara Mohamed

    Sara Mohamed

     2 days ago

    Omg you’re so close to 100k subscribers

  • amoya Queen

    amoya Queen

     3 days ago

    Why did u .move in a van. and u have a house

  • Ashley C

    Ashley C

     3 days ago

    On behalf of white people ....... we are not like this lmfao

  • Ashley C

    Ashley C

     3 days ago

    Ahh the title coulda been “My Mom and Dad Taking Out My Braids” and I’d be less confused.

  • Haley Lanier

    Haley Lanier

     3 days ago

    That’s so awesome that he’s helping you! My husband hates being in videos lol!