Trump roasts Clinton at Al Smith charity dinner

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 20, 2016
  • Just one night after the final presidential debate, Donald Trump roasted Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith Dinner. The Catholic charity fundraiser is an opportunity for the candidates to trade jokes and blows amid the heated campaign. CBSN has Trump's full speech.
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  • Free-Drum Nation

    Free-Drum Nation

     an hour ago

    The name is President Donald J Trump.
    🇺🇸 MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

  • rileycpo


     8 hours ago

    WWG1WGA! Stop the Pedophile nation. You won't win.

  • Mat Tobias

    Mat Tobias

     13 hours ago

    9:53 is just an insane onslaught of truth its astonishing and in front of them all.....

  • Big Nutz

    Big Nutz

     13 hours ago

    Damn he had her laughing hella hard with the pardon joke lmaooo

  • Anthony Gay

    Anthony Gay

     13 hours ago

    This jesuit dinner is proof that Trump is a friend of Clinton and a puppet just as every other president has been. He's not saving anyone from any establishment, illuminati, deep state, or any other conspirators against humanity.

  • JD York

    JD York


    Maria......oh Maria.

  • Token Conservative

    Token Conservative


    Yo how have I NOT seen this before?! Donald Trump is a MF SAVAGE! 🤣 #HailToTheChief #GOAT

  • Sharkmankill 1

    Sharkmankill 1

     yesterday +1

    I’m Republican and I hate Trump

  • sluggo



    what a loser lock him up

  • Nicole Garza

    Nicole Garza


    Yes, Hillary has taken a lot of children from Haiti. She is a ring leader in child sex trafficking.

  • Kyren Faaron

    Kyren Faaron


    They are all SWEATING

  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic

    Sandra Pisu-Jocic


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  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic

    Sandra Pisu-Jocic


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  • smackedinthejaw


     2 days ago

    Trump is the greatest Pres you guys have had in SOOO long. Trump for 2020!!

  • Larry Gilbreath

    Larry Gilbreath

     2 days ago


  • Samuel Folden

    Samuel Folden

     2 days ago

    His beautifully small hands lmao

  • Electroneum Vampire

    Electroneum Vampire

     2 days ago

    He should have said she would have known if she wouldn't have deleted it...

  • LaProfetesse


     2 days ago

    i'd hate to be sitting behind the president when he's talking. i enjoy seeing a person's face, not their back.

  • Cathy Vento

    Cathy Vento

     2 days ago

    one of the truly best moments on national TV



     2 days ago