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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 8, 2017
  • We try our best to answer some really awkward questions.. If we choose not to answer them we must skinny dip lololololololol


    Last Week's Video -

    Ethan’s Stuff

    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan

    Grayson’s Things

    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan
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  • tunie hanan

    tunie hanan

     an hour ago

    Greyson being all cute talking about inanimate objects WHILE shirtless 🙈

  • Emma Kate

    Emma Kate

     2 hours ago

    do u guys have merch?

  • RIZE_Dog XXX

    RIZE_Dog XXX

     3 hours ago

    Gray Jesus Christ

  • Itz_Ashlaaay


     4 hours ago +1

    omg i couldn't stop staring at grayson shaved hair LMAOOOO

  • Peyton Free

    Peyton Free

     4 hours ago

    Gray wow he’s so cute and I love everything ab him
    Like I rly rly rlyyy want to spend my whole life w this handsome boy

  • evie b

    evie b

     5 hours ago

    anyone else see the face in their torsos? (nipples=eyes.. line on lower stomach=mouth) no? just me? ok

  • Ari Olivia

    Ari Olivia

     5 hours ago

    Okay can anyone see Ethan's artwork in Graysons hair

  • AmazingAimee


     6 hours ago

    “Go Grayson nice teeth” AHAHAAHA

  • Xhan _hanx

    Xhan _hanx

     6 hours ago

    Grayson searched up boobies 😂😂😂😂😵😵😵😵😵😵😍😍

  • Xhan _hanx

    Xhan _hanx

     6 hours ago

    Jeeezzz graysons tan tho😍😍🥰🥰❤️❤️😵😵

  • alex


     6 hours ago

    6:18 it starts getting weird asf

  • MMMango Tiger

    MMMango Tiger

     6 hours ago

    Has anyone else acknowledged that Ethan had an alligator towel LOL 7:40

  • Cammie Martello

    Cammie Martello

     7 hours ago

    My name is Camryn. Wild

  • Jamneris Ortiz

    Jamneris Ortiz

     8 hours ago

    0:39 you can see that he had a bald spot 😂

  • Jamneris Ortiz

    Jamneris Ortiz

     8 hours ago


  • Casey Fischer

    Casey Fischer

     8 hours ago +1

    We post every twice a week and we’ll see you guys on Tuesday

  • daphne cavill

    daphne cavill

     8 hours ago

    Graysons hair is still shaved 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Casey Fischer

    Casey Fischer

     9 hours ago +1

    Go Grayson nice tEeTh

  • Kawaii_Ocean_2000


     10 hours ago

    has nobody seen graysons hair at 0:33

  • hihihihihi hihihihi

    hihihihihi hihihihi

     11 hours ago

    Ok I googled something about twins because my neices r twins but if twins have kids different dads of course but they're kids will pretty much be siblings half of brothers or sisters or brother and sister look it up on Google