Casually Explained: First Dates

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 7, 2018
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  • lobdooks

     1 years ago

    *takes you out on a date*Is she into you?again, you cant really tell-

  • Magorov the Great

     6 days ago

    yess was hoping someone would write it in here and Im not dissappointed 😂😂

  • bistrovogna

     1 months ago

    Its from casually explaineds video "is she into you", a classic

  • Treehouses & Motors

     7 months ago

    Girl: "my parents aren't home" *brain working overtime trying to figure out the correct response*Me: "dont worry, they'll come back"

  • Gavin Patmore

     7 days ago

    Oh shit that got me laughing.

  • Jose Becerra

     8 days ago


  • Jesus Christ

     1 years ago

    I used the "I only date dimes" joke, and she looked dead into my eyes and said "so, what's your YouTube channel called?"

  • Carlos Salinas

     5 days ago

    ** I make the girl do all the talking

  • Oumshka

     8 days ago

    Ya sorry bud aren't u supposed to be in heaven stop with the lies :/

  • AK74

     10 months ago

    Girl: "My dad's in the army, he's stationed in Japan"Me: (trying to impress her) "I also enjoy murdering Japanese people"

  • Benjamin Jones

     3 days ago

    @G Nk The us had bases in japan

  • 2401

     3 days ago

    Me"yeah hiroshima was great."

  • DanZmeN

     1 years ago

    2:38 we got so close to hearing you laugh for the first time...*mission failed. we'll get'em next time boys*

  • N1gerTV

     3 months ago

    danzmen is gey

  • Finn Robertson

     5 months ago

    Casually Explained: Geometry Dash

  • Theren Stormwind

     1 years ago

    To get a first date... you have to ask them out.Aw darn I thought I’d get a first date by laying in bed watching youtube

  • Swamp Life

     6 months ago

    Whats up cutey. Lets go on a date

  • JackRabbit

     7 months ago

    @Darqfalls I'M HANDSOME TOO I SWEAR!!! QQ

  • ZXKW

     6 months ago

    Step 1: Asking her out.Step 0: Actually finding someone you're interested in.

  • Juan Francisco Brizuela

     8 days ago

    Save step 0, you should be interested in everyone who's willing to be near you.

  • WCGwkf

     10 days ago

    @Sosa Oblock that's the hidden step 2 that sends you back to 0

  • Jedi Scum

     3 months ago

    *_I DONT HAVE A CLUE WHATS GOING ON_*Which basically explains everything

  • ratsface

     24 days ago

    OMG yeah that's what I going through 😂 like what I'm doing here 😆

  • Emil Wolter

     2 months ago

    So true tho

  • Umayrica

     1 years ago

    _”Don’t call them daddy, call them father”_Imagine someone doing that, *just imagine*

  • Emma Red

     11 days ago

    Umayrica I’ve done it lol

  • Sunil R

     2 months ago

    @Rain or as it is referred to colloquially, dad bod..

  • Adam Pandit

     3 months ago

    First date? Bold of you to assume I got that far