AC Circuits Basics, Impedance, Resonant Frequency - Physics Problems

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 28, 2017
  • This physics video tutorial explains the basics of AC circuits. It shows you how to calculate the capacitive reactance, inductive reactance, impedance of an RLC circuit and how to determine the resonant frequency as well as the phase angle and the power dissipated in the circuit. This physics video has plenty of examples and practice problems for you to work on.

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    Here is a list of topics:
    1. AC Circuits Basics - Peak Voltage and RMS Current
    2. Inductive Reactance vs Capacitive Reactance
    3. Direct Relationship of Frequency and Inductive Reactance
    4. Inverse Relationship of Frequency and Capacitive Reactance
    5. RL Circuits Problems - Impedance Calculations
    6. RC Circuits - Power Dissipated in Resistor
    7. Impedance of RLC Circuit
    8. Calculating the Voltage across a Resistor, Capacitor and an Inductor
    9. Resistance, Capacitance, & Inductance
    10. Impedance Explained
    11. Impedance vs Resistance
    12. Power Factor Explained
    13. Resonant Frequency Explained
    14. LC Circuit Resonance
    15. Phase Angle - Inverse Tangent Formula
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