Trump’s Twitter Engagement Is Down, and Trevor Is Here to Help | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Trevor invites Trump to The Daily Show’s Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library in Washington, D.C., to remind the president how amazing his Twitter can be.

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     5 days ago

    мы здесь все залипнем надолго...

  • Васил Йорданов

    Васил Йорданов

     14 days ago

    I got it! Trump won with MAGA slogan last time. I bet if he runs on the slogan COVFEFE he'll win 99.99999999% of the vote the the 0.00000001% is himself, because he was too lazy to go vote. I know you think that'd be stupid, which is precisely why the US will do it. Not calling you all stupid... well OK I am calling you all stupid, but you cant say it's not warranted!

  • Кени Финнович

    Кени Финнович

     a months ago


  • E. Russelman

    E. Russelman

     a months ago +1


  • brenda poole

    brenda poole

     a months ago

    YOU ARE A IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allie M Bell

    Allie M Bell

     2 months ago

    because twitter cracked down on bots.

  • trenoops


     2 months ago

    I'm just trying to figure out why no matter what video I start watching on YouTube if I fall asleep I will end up getting up to a Trevor Noah video. This happens all the time. If I watch videos and stay awake I end up getting Trevor Noah videos I've already watched being played via auto play. Has he paid to get his videos more views? Is the AI trying to create a bias for me? Or is it trying to get me to buy tickets to his show coming to my town? This has been happening for weeks now.

  • Shiatbiatch


     2 months ago +1

    The thing is, I still want Bette Middlers poontang!!!!

  • Bardyman


     2 months ago


    0.6 percent to 0.2 percent?
    how is that significant???

  • Jerry Berry

    Jerry Berry

     2 months ago

    Trevor will loose his job when Trump gets replaced. Trump material is all he has.

  • Lalanatural


     2 months ago


  • Night Shine

    Night Shine

     3 months ago

  • His Holiness Pope Salty I

    His Holiness Pope Salty I

     3 months ago +1

    You gotta hand it to a man who, after putting his name to Trump University and to the Ideal Health ponzi operation, has the steel-coated balls to refer to ANYONE as a "sick scammer". Exactly the kind of well-thought-out statement one would expect to hear from a "stable genius".

  • Vasy Clep

    Vasy Clep

     3 months ago

    The only people that are mocking their president instead of supporting him... tweeter is more important than what he is doing for the country... Very inteligent...:)

  • R Mad

    R Mad

     3 months ago

    OK Trump voters--we need CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against the faggy Jack Dorsey types--they kick out many Twitter users for supporting Trump (hey greedy lawyers--big money to be made!). We don't want Chinese-style censorship in USA! The anti-Trump haters can say anything and not "violate the rules." America fight back or lose your country! The Dems are ok with Twitter censoring Trump--but they would be "outraged" if it happened to AOC, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, etc. Twitter Google Facebook even Microsoft (Bing) are ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!

  • Jonas R

    Jonas R

     3 months ago

    Some brave souls should step up and make the Trump tweets into songs

  • xl


     3 months ago

    some scaled Noah's face vertically for the outro for some reason.

  • TheBlarggle


     3 months ago +1

    lol... our most powerful position is held by a temperamental child-minded buffoon. America is doomed.

  • Zach Chapin

    Zach Chapin

     3 months ago +1

    President needs a tweet advisor, not me haha but for real I'd have done it for Obama but he didn't need it. He probably used it on average once a week? If that, he is a top 10 president I don't care what ya say.

  • Endless Void Studios

    Endless Void Studios

     3 months ago

    wow that was brutal donald trump leader of the free world ..... just got burned like a little baby back bitch XD