Are 4-Stroke Bike Kits better than 2-Stroke Kits? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 29, 2018
  • In a previous video ( ), I built and tested a 2-stroke bike engine kit. For $120, it turned out to be a great kit! It does require a little bit of upkeep and maintenance. In this video, I put together a 4-stroke bike engine kit and then compare it to the 2-stroke bike engine kit. We test top speed, ease of use, noise, amount of exhaust smoke, and several other things. I purchased the kit from Amazon for $189. I don't normally provide links to the products I test, since I'm not an Amazon partner and my goal isn't to sell products. These kits are also available on many other websites. So, recommend shopping around for a better price. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
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  • john argue

    john argue

     2 hours ago

    You can buy smokeless 2 stroke oil. I had it before. Same performance, zero smoke. I think AutoZone had it. Also on 2 stroke engine, vibration does suck. With no mods, I go 30mph constant. $100 kit.

  • roballen2/offical


     5 hours ago

    You make good videos.
    I learn a lot from you.
    Thank you.
    Everything Positive!

  • stopglobalswarming


     19 hours ago

    Those rag joints are garbage. You’re going to knock your wheel loose, then throw your chain.
    Buy a dedicated motor bike hub from Grubee or sickbikeparts

  • Ironbomb


     23 hours ago

    The 2stroke sounded like it was maxed out to equal the 4 at the same speed. I'd like to see more about which one can burn scrap fuel better

  • richard dalton

    richard dalton


    It's my understanding that the forks need to be reinforced
    because of the torque

  • DG Danger Gamer

    DG Danger Gamer


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  • Chris Irish

    Chris Irish


    Any chance you can share a link to amazon for this? I understand you aren't a partner or anything but if someone such as yourself trusts this motor and enjoys it, I trust that more than some comments on Amazon's reviews.

  • Roki NZ

    Roki NZ



  • Jared Steele

    Jared Steele


    And now, LS swap.

  • Ifsan Uddin

    Ifsan Uddin

     2 days ago

    plz, let me know, what is the mileage of each

  • Sumanta Sinha

    Sumanta Sinha

     2 days ago

    I like.

  • commantros exetlos

    commantros exetlos

     2 days ago

    i want a yfz450 frame with a 200kw electric power..or a 500kw.

  • Kenny Dave

    Kenny Dave

     2 days ago

    Thanks so much for making this! I just bought one of these kits.

  • woodhound13


     3 days ago

    Put a turbo on them.

  • SBFay01


     3 days ago

    I watched both the 2-stroke bike build as well as this 4-stroke build. While you mentioned a general weight difference between the two (the 2 stroke being lighter), I didn't hear actual weight information (apologies if I missed it). I am interested to know how much each weighs i.e. how much weight to be added to the bikes?
    Another item of curiosity is how well sealed are the fuel tanks? With bicycles subject to falling over, or being laid down, I want to know that the fuel tanks are not going to leak via poor quality fuel cap vents. Along the same lines, I presume that the 2-cycle engine is not that sensitive to having been laid down sideways. How sensitive is the 4-stroke motor to change of orientation i.e. if a teen lays the bike down for any period of time, how much oil is going to work up past the piston rings or crank case vent, etc. to cause problems?

  • Aradhrin


     3 days ago +1

    Can you do a electric bike kit installation?

  • GerardoSolorio1


     4 days ago

    What’s the mpg’s on these lol

  • TwistedGamin


     4 days ago

    put the 212 in the background on the motor mount and see what it does

  • Ranjit Pokharel

    Ranjit Pokharel

     5 days ago

    better if you had drag race between two. would be more fun.

  • bradley goode

    bradley goode

     5 days ago

    i think licence is required at this hp rating in most states ???