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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018
  • Trevor responds to a letter from French ambassador Gérard Araud criticizing him for congratulating Africa on France’s World Cup victory.

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  • Achim Schmidt

    Achim Schmidt

     2 hours ago


  • Eve Tats

    Eve Tats

     4 hours ago

    I like what he said overall and I agree with a large proportion of it but I cringed a little when he said that an African becoming French (or European) is a great achievement? Do you really think being French / European is a goal Africans should be aspiring to? Surely us Africans should strive to make our continent successful from a socioeconomic perspective rather than pining to become European...

  • Better Youth. Better Future.

    Better Youth. Better Future.

     10 hours ago

    You are awesome 🥰

  • amari ebbin

    amari ebbin

     16 hours ago

    The funny part is nationalities are made up and don't mean anything when u die and looked at hundreds of years later only your genetics shows not your passport lol

  • Terra Jacobs

    Terra Jacobs

     18 hours ago

    Die French se mase poes

  • Betsabe Islas

    Betsabe Islas

     18 hours ago

    Love this dude man hes...... I think more people should be watching him

  • jaannissar akbar

    jaannissar akbar


    Salute you Trevor
    You're ❤️

  • laetitia bea

    laetitia bea


    2:05...yea I absolutely agree

  • RT7 RW9

    RT7 RW9


    Smart and sharp...

  • Wisecraker SorryIam

    Wisecraker SorryIam


    Most educational comedy show?
    The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Im learning more from this than some other shows out there... And look at the comments, wow, look at how this show inspires many to think more about their country.

  • cutterboard



    We are all of african descend - just a little reminder.

  • wesley fung

    wesley fung


    Imagine if all French people just said that they don’t feel that referring to their roots makes them less French. The racist I France would have nothing against them if they aren’t even offended by it.

  • abdelali khaled

    abdelali khaled


    Absolutly true iam from belguim here when a maroccan does anything good he is good belge but when anything wrong happends where all the same all just junk fron North Africa while 90 procent from us is born here .

  • Druff Geschiss

    Druff Geschiss


    The statement that black people in France are not French is racist, at least when a white person says that.

  • Alexis



    I'm French. And I usually find you funny and think you're right. But here, I think you're out of your depth and have no idea what you're talking about.
    You say that those French black people, because they're black, should be allowed to claim their African roots. At one point did you think they were not allowed to ? The fact is, they don't want to because they're not African. They are FRENCH. Just French. They are born in France, they got educated in France, their families have been French for generations. They probably don't even know what country their great great great grand parents come from. It's not something anyone would even ask them anyway. Because it doesn't matter. It's private. I don't go asking French white people where their families are from ? Why should I care about French black people ?

    In the US, you call white people "Americans" and black people "African Americans". Therefore creating a group of second class citizens, despite the fact that their families ancestors have been in America for hundreds of years. They're still being denied to be equal to white people. This is inconceivable for us French. More than inconceivable, it is unconstitutional, as the concept of race has been forbidden in our constitution. I remember the first time I went to a doctor in the US being chocked to see that the file I had to fill up asked me if I was Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic. Why does it matter to treat my cold 😂 ?

    It's not the first time I've had this argument with non French people. I hope that one day the US abandons these racial non-sense and elevate themselves to the level of the European civilisation.

  • Claudio O.

    Claudio O.


    But it's true!
    I don't see any French there.

  • Batou



    i'm french and i totaly agree with what he is saying

  • The Algerian Tank

    The Algerian Tank


    For what happened to Özil, they can criticise him for a his poor performance (Just like his teammates who were purified), this is normal, but to give a reference to his ethinc and religious background is a shame... A disgrace... (especially after all the years he served his "receptor country")

  • Rica Ward

    Rica Ward


    I love his mind!

  • Kiki Holistic

    Kiki Holistic


    i think the duality in american makes us fractured and weaker. but i get what he is saying. in american you cant be 2 different cultures you are forced to choose. especially for biracial people.