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  • Published on:  Monday, May 21, 2018
  • The Right Opinion: How Philip DeFranco Became A Target - Should People Be Freaking Out? | TRO


    One of the platform’s veterans for multiple reasons. Philip DeFranco embodies how success within YouTube can expand and develop in many unique ways, the 32 year old has been on the platform for over 10 years now and he has had his fair share of prosperity, but there are always two sides to the coin, and when you’re top of the totem pole, the knives are never too far from your throat.

    Often my videos will involve talking about a long chain of events, and the chain of events that inspired the DeFranco show are too many to detail into one section. However, I will give a brief overview of his history.

    DeFranco started up his channel while he was still at University, in the true entrepreneurial spirit. The channel at first was called SxePhil, and obviously reflected the highly dignified manner that he was going to conduct himself with. If you can detect a slight tone of sarcasm within my voice it’s because DeFranco wasn’t exactly the same person ten years ago than he is today, and one of his earliest successes was a video by the name of “Big Boobs and You”, which as the title described, included Big Boobs and You, but mostly DeFranco discussing it, the intro is a slightly improper disclaimer warning that if you do not enjoy the objectification of women then you may not enjoy this video. I’ve put it a bit more politely than he did. Honestly, it’s just pure corn, and it’s quite amusing for what it’s worth. One thing that is identifiably consistent with even his recent content is his on camera charisma.

    Back in the days of yore, you could have low production value and still appeal to an audience, and it is amazing how technology has evolved, the sort of content that DeFranco uploaded would be ridiculed in a modern day scenario, but this was 2007, and classics like Big Boobs and You thrived in that environment.

    So taking heed of its success DeFranco made this style the centre of appeal within his channel. Not Big Boobs of course, though they weren’t excluded by any means, but he quickly made his videos focused around the discussion of topics that were going to hit that appeal.

    Basically Philip DeFranco was one of the earliest pioneers in the clickbait niche, but unlike his 2000s contemporaries, he managed to stick it out as his personality matured like a fine cheddar. Whereas, many of those around him became quickly stale.

    He managed to do this by keeping ahead of the times, as he grew he paid attention to the site changing, and evolving, and in essence he evolved with it. He realised that calling people rug munchers would probably not wash with all of his newer audience, and also understood that you have to branch out to maintain success.

    One of the things that a majority of larger YouTubers will tell you is that you shouldn’t limit your success to merely YouTube or you quickly become dependent on a platform that can decide whether it wants you to have a good or bad day.

    DeFranco clearly understood this and has ventured out on many enterprises, including multiple channels, brand deals, business undertakings, all while maintaining a strong YouTube presence. It’s very clear that DeFranco has created a lot of opportunities for himself. But he still has an underlying fondness for the platform that enabled his opportunities, as he has continued to upload content to this day. And in many ways this respect appeared to be reciprocal, YouTube even decided to feature him in their end of 2017 rewind, and, in spite of the very rocky year for YouTube, that decision was praised.

    Love him or hate him, Philip DeFranco has persisted through many generations of YouTube, and has amassed a consistent fanbase, and that’s fair, his brand of news, although not necessarily exceptional in its presentation, manages to balance the delivery of information with some moderate, if fairly ordinary opinions. I think the main reason that DeFranco has retained an audience is that element of trust, unlike a lot of the news corporations, he’s never presented as having an ulterior agenda. Sure, he has his opinions, and you’re gonna agree with some and disagree with others, but it doesn’t seem like he’s conveying those opinions for any reason other than the fact that he likes to express himself.


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