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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 11, 2016
  • Some of the most rare images from history - those which express the most powerful events that have ever happened in the world. You absolutely cannot miss them. These are the jewels from the past.


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  • Liberals Destroyed Youtube

    Liberals Destroyed Youtube

     4 hours ago

    Video should be called: checkout a bunch of hitler photos.

  • Oisinus Kempus

    Oisinus Kempus

     12 hours ago

    technically, all pictures are from the past

  • Bridge Church Web Master

    Bridge Church Web Master


    These are so fun to see. I play a little game. When I see the picture, I try to guess the year it was taken and what is going on.

  • mtman2


     4 days ago

    Very nice truly historic and epic shots - Thank you-!!!

  • Millie Chillum

    Millie Chillum

     4 days ago

    What is the music in this video?

  • Bill Brisotti

    Bill Brisotti

     5 days ago

    5:20 The church at Neuvilly, which had been partially destroyed and served as a field hospital, was restored beautifully after the war.

  • James Wiliams

    James Wiliams

     5 days ago

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    Greek Orthodox by country
    God bless,

  • Tyfon 44

    Tyfon 44

     5 days ago

    Be notified. When English is not your native tongue. It is hard to read the texts and look at the picture at 5he same time, every time a picture shows up. Which it makes it hard to go through the video witout pauzing it every 20 seconds...
    So for me, sorry.

  • shela mae arevalo

    shela mae arevalo

     5 days ago


  • Robert Rapp

    Robert Rapp

     6 days ago

    Fames change too fast.

  • Kyle Stewart

    Kyle Stewart

     7 days ago

    One persons view. Thanks for putting up 3 sentences of explanation with 3 seconds to try to read it, while having 1 sentence and the same 3 seconds. Brilliant.

  • Trev Mac

    Trev Mac

     7 days ago +5

    That library in Cincinnati looked incredible

  • Mad Mike

    Mad Mike

     7 days ago +3

    7:30 - the first mousketeers
    10:52 - this is how i feel when awarded for doing my job too

  • trailblze


     7 days ago +4

    2:15 who ever took that picture was a fed 😂😂

  • Random Human

    Random Human

     7 days ago


  • Johnny Daniels

    Johnny Daniels

     7 days ago

    Some interesting photos, but I would hardly classify them as MOST POWERFUL, RARE AND INTOXICATING IMAGES FROM THE PAST......

  • GyvonJ


     7 days ago +12

    2:15 buying cocaine capsule from drug dealer. 'The good ol days", eh?

  • Golden Dawn Hierophant

    Golden Dawn Hierophant

     7 days ago

    In 70 years they'll be a YouTube video with our Facebook photos



     7 days ago +2

    "British" has one "t" you would think the name of a country could of been spelt correctly, what an insult.

  • Autumn Spring

    Autumn Spring

     7 days ago

    Interfaith-dialogues are to cater to Islamists advantage ONLY. It isn't there to create peace or harmony between different religions. Don't fall for this.