Mantis - Anubis

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 6, 2016
  • Mantis is the only one of it's kind to make trap the most brutalgenre out in the dance scene and to even worship the Egyptian legend Anubis shows off their true potential in the scene. Get the EP here: Mantis Uplink Audio Hydraulic Records to Mydraulic Mixes: address: Link: Promotion purposes only.I do not take credit for this song, nor do I own it
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  • Salle Edstrom

    Salle Edstrom

     a years ago +253

    I can just imagine myself an egyptian night club

  • The Dude that's just Kind of around

    The Dude that's just Kind of around

     a years ago +321

    The drop almost sent me to the Shadow Realm

  • Ashley B

    Ashley B

     a years ago +107

    Wow the Egyptian beat and melody sound great with techno 🎶 😉

  • asqueech ameech

    asqueech ameech

     a years ago +245

    Anubis is the Egyptian god of death. There was often jackals in cemeteries and the ancient Egyptians believed that Anubis was associated with jackals. He helped Osiris after he was killed by his brother, Seth. He tricked him into getting into a coffin and thus killing Osiris. he had a brother named Horus who is the god of kingship and the sky. Anubis is also one of the oldest gods in Egyptian mythology dating back to 3100 to 2890 B.C.
    just in case Ur wondering why is has an Egyptian vibe to it

  • Benjamin Lindahl

    Benjamin Lindahl

     a years ago +174

    this should probably be more popular than it seems to be

  • Harrison Miller

    Harrison Miller

     a years ago +90

    beerus probably destroys worlds while listening to this.

  • Hydraulic Damnation

    Hydraulic Damnation

     2 years ago +237

    When i mean one of it's kind, i actually mean it. Of course there's plenty of brutal of ones already, but just how often will you find that signature deathstep bass flowing through trap vibes nowadays. (and of course there's 100hurts, Kretan & Code: Pandorum as well but Mantis just makes it unique in some way).

  • Fruit Punch Samurai

    Fruit Punch Samurai

     2 months ago +27

    Hades: can i get in the party?
    anubis: for sure bro!
    loki: what about me?
    anubis: bring'em the JOKES!

  • Emir hp

    Emir hp

     a years ago +73

    well looks like playing assassins creed origins is going to be a blast now

  • bserna_94


     a years ago +118

    This sounds like it should be featured in a movie. I love it

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

     2 years ago +66

    Anubis is a baby god on the hierarchy and deserves more attention.

  • • Alex •

    • Alex •

     2 years ago +262

    Who fed Nasus?

  • Jp Ferri

    Jp Ferri

     2 years ago +126

    Love the sounds in this one

  • V1ct0ry


     6 months ago +9

    Sees song is already dead inside
    Listens to song dies on outside
    Reaches underworld and I hear this song again my spirit dies

  • boboiii


     2 years ago +35

    this defyes the laws of time....every time i listen to it and gets to close to min 2:30, i feel like it already passed up to 5 mins :/

  • B!oTron33


     a years ago +57

    This is Art

  • qwerty


     a years ago +29

    If DeathTrap wasn't a genre before it sure the hell is now

  • Alexander Cage

    Alexander Cage

     a years ago +13

    And death was understood. A canine rough shod hoove. Nails cloven just so they could see enough to be enilighten. What a master can call a night out!!!!!

  • Helicopter Goon Squad

    Helicopter Goon Squad

     2 years ago +76

    gotta play smite to this

  • Shiva's Chimera

    Shiva's Chimera

     3 months ago +1

    I'll invest everything I have in the
    Call my off planet investor's. Earth is becoming disobedient.