Emily Blunt Tells the Story of How She Met John Krasinski

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • Emily Blunt reveals what her daughters think about her acting, what it was like to take on the mantle of Mary Poppins and how she and John Krasinski met.
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    Emily Blunt Tells the Story of How She Met John Krasinski- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CU8qwXYH83c


  • roger peet

    roger peet

     2 hours ago

    I love Emily Blunt. The way I look at it , John stole her from me.

  • Angie Garcia

    Angie Garcia

     2 days ago

    Ugh I love her! & Emilia Clarke. Such funny sweethearts.

  • Fany Reyes

    Fany Reyes

     2 days ago

    I like Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.  My husband is an avid fan of the American Office comedy.  I like John playing Jack Ryan.More power to you both.

  • Saul Estuardo Mejia Diaz

    Saul Estuardo Mejia Diaz

     2 days ago

    Seth Meyer LET HER TALK !!!!!

  • inès Lag

    inès Lag

     4 days ago

    "Am I speaking to US weekly" Aahahahhahaa I'm dying

  • maheshb3


     4 days ago

    is anyone else binge watching Emily Blunt youtube videos? Jan 2019!!

  • Jasmyne S

    Jasmyne S

     4 days ago

    Okay I never realized how much he actually sounds like Andy samburg

  • Josefina Iannello

    Josefina Iannello

     4 days ago

    Why does he interrupt her SO MUCH?? STFU for a hot second Seth!!

  • Guillermo Ruelas

    Guillermo Ruelas

     4 days ago

    Wow she's getting better looking with age

  • Diskordanssi


     7 days ago

    I could hear Ricky Gervais saying the ORIGINAL Office when Emily Blunt said the British office.

  • Sofie Villainous

    Sofie Villainous

     7 days ago

    Is her voice going? She sounds a little horse.

  • Erin Graham

    Erin Graham

     8 days ago


  • aa dxb

    aa dxb

     8 days ago

    Hey mark this as your best show, good job.

  • Dima b

    Dima b

     8 days ago

    She looks better as a brunette

  • Kiara Jones

    Kiara Jones

     8 days ago +1

    Bro.... she’s hilarious

  • Mint Qing

    Mint Qing

     8 days ago +1

    Emily & John such great couple. Seen it on their movie 'A quiet place'. The chemistry was there ! (actually i never knew they were husband n wife when i was watching the movie. yes i'm outdated..)

  • MegtheMermaid


     9 days ago +2

    She ain’t no Pam tho

  • Cher Bear

    Cher Bear

     9 days ago

    Omg she is hysterical. Her & John must laugh so much. I’m so jealous 😩 but happy for them. Great talents and they seem like wonderful people .

  • J. Montrice

    J. Montrice

     9 days ago +1

    I would love to be friends with John and Emily. They just seem like cool people.

  • Colin Burleigh

    Colin Burleigh

     10 days ago

    And that kids, is how I met Jim Halpert.