People Call Their Crush On The Spot

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
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  • Jubilee


     3 months ago +4487

    Hey good humans! So we totally ADORE Thoraya Maronesy (link in bio! go give her some love!) We wanted to create an inspired series taking things to the next level and exploring all types of different people overcoming their deepest fears and taking the leap! This is only the first episode of many different kinds - let us know what sorts of future episodes you want to see - we love hearing from you! Enjoy!

  • Griftercash


     2 months ago +4605

    "Are you seeing anyone?"
    "do you wanne see me?"
    S P E E C H 100

  • brooke grindle

    brooke grindle

     2 months ago +8103

    how to get a girl:
    see her twice
    run out of the store when she's there
    call her randomly
    "would you wanna see me"
    throw gang signs
    girlfriend aqquired

  • Big Refrigerator

    Big Refrigerator

     2 months ago +6864

    Gregory's crush: Im not seeing anybody no
    Gregory: would you like to see me?
    Smoothest line in the book

  • Smok


     2 months ago +3298

    Greg: So are you free tonight?
    Sabrina: Yeah technically I am
    Greg: 🤞🖖✌👉🤙👌🏼✊👊👉👌🏼🤞

  • ATP Synthase

    ATP Synthase

     2 months ago +1474

    Gregory's call: 50% silence, 25% laughing, 25% talking

  • Gates Fam

    Gates Fam

     2 months ago +2374

    girl- we should LINK up
    gregory- *breatheeeeessss* *breatheeee*
    gregory- *super tiny voice* yes
    girl- it sounds like a date to me
    she had it so easy...then gregory over here bout to have a asthma attack

  • Ian Thomas

    Ian Thomas

     2 months ago +1351

    I need to stop watching these types of videos, im getting confidence

  • Myosotis


     2 months ago +2315

    Some people out here on the grind for years and then theres just the Gregories

  • hello and goodbye

    hello and goodbye

     3 months ago +16253

    “My name is Gregory”
    bro she don’t even know you exist????

  • RaZe


     2 months ago +5021

    "my names gregory......your my uhh crush"
    "are you the dude who comes in the shop and runs out"
    I actually died XDD

  • agrtjuhfg gfhgfh

    agrtjuhfg gfhgfh

     2 months ago +2433

    About Gregory:
    insert ,,You used the wrong formula but got the correct answer,, meme

  • ella stylinson

    ella stylinson

     2 months ago +1230

    4:42 "he calls me buddy which is a bad sign" mine calls me "my guy" and "chief" 💀

  • Anandhu


     1 months ago +865

    Gregory: *gets the girl*
    Me : *surprised pikachu face*

  • longlivingdude


     2 months ago +944

    Gregory the type of dude to ask a stranger: "Can I maybe penetrate you?"

  • Crowned Shorty

    Crowned Shorty

     1 months ago +223

    "Spencer I like you. Like like you"
    "You're my crush"
    This is actually how adults talk? Damn.

  • Dwanerz .G. Defoe

    Dwanerz .G. Defoe

     2 months ago +566

    Jubilee is the perfect combination of Cut and BuzzFeed

  • HangTheDj


     2 months ago +456

    Camera person: “Would you call them and tell them that?”
    Gregory: Forgets how to breathe
    Someone protect this man at all costs

  • Leon Hattingh

    Leon Hattingh

     3 months ago +11461

    If anyone breaks Greg's heart I'm suing

  • Billie Vanderpol

    Billie Vanderpol

     2 months ago +634

    "my name is gregory"
    "and youre my crush"