People Call Their Crush On The Spot

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
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  • Jubilee


     7 months ago +5473

    Hey good humans! So we totally ADORE Thoraya Maronesy (link in bio! go give her some love!) We wanted to create an inspired series taking things to the next level and exploring all types of different people overcoming their deepest fears and taking the leap! This is only the first episode of many different kinds - let us know what sorts of future episodes you want to see - we love hearing from you! Enjoy!

  • Funny Lisa

    Funny Lisa

     34 minutes ago +1

    3:23 "me to my crush "

  • kirk lol

    kirk lol

     3 hours ago

    I love how the nervous giggly awkward guy gets the date loll. that was genuinely heart warming

  • yi


     3 hours ago

    look man i do have my crush's number but id CRY if i had to do this

  • Shad Bankert

    Shad Bankert

     4 hours ago

    Gregory😭 omg that's me though😩 I feel for him, it's also so cute tho

  • Ava DeVries

    Ava DeVries

     5 hours ago

    I wanna be best friends with that girl

  • maggot


     5 hours ago

    0:20 she sounds like billie eilish

  • Suna?


     5 hours ago

    ok saw first 10 seconds of vid. haven sounds like billie eilish

  • Chewy


     6 hours ago

    bruh i panicked with that guy

  • Vanilla Cubes

    Vanilla Cubes

     7 hours ago

    1:07 why does she lowkey look like a young meredith from The office

  • Eclipse Light

    Eclipse Light

     7 hours ago +1

    The girl sounds like Billie Eilish LOL

  • shiwei yue

    shiwei yue

     8 hours ago

    I need to be on this because I need someone to force me to call or else i will never ever have the ball to do it.

  • Plunged Flower

    Plunged Flower

     9 hours ago

    Jon is really cute ngl <3

  • Sam


     9 hours ago


  • Alan Smith

    Alan Smith

     11 hours ago +1

    Oi stop reading the comments and watch the video

  • _s.k.y.1 _

    _s.k.y.1 _

     11 hours ago

    Gregory reminds me of that Firefly from Princess and The Frog

  • Anna Pietraszak

    Anna Pietraszak

     12 hours ago

    when you don't have a crush....

  • deadlines


     12 hours ago +1

    kid at 0:27 looking like lil uzi in another, ordinary, life where he finished his education

  • lil ram

    lil ram

     12 hours ago

    gregory is adorable

  • Riot Hydraa

    Riot Hydraa

     13 hours ago

    haven kinda fire 🥵