VERIFY: Do emergency tools used to break windows work on all vehicles?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 22, 2017
  • Many people have emergency hammers and similar tools just in case they need to break car windows in an emergency situation but the KHOU 11 Verify team decided to take a closer look and see which tools really work and which ones do not.
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  • planet plainfield

    planet plainfield

     6 days ago

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  • planet plainfield

    planet plainfield

     6 days ago

    This is the craziest life saving info I have EVER heard. Wtf??😳😂

  • Rob Everything

    Rob Everything

     7 days ago

    "turn around, don't drown" the most condescending and useless piece of advice I've ever heard. Who in their right mind actively looks to send their vehicle into a pond?

  • Dee


     a months ago +1

    So my life hammer is useless if I drive in a lake??

  • PerfectPyramid


     a months ago +1

    Mythbusters has evidence that opening the door or rolling the window are both viable options. just watch the episode.

  • samtoo2010


     a months ago +3

    So basically if u are under water with that new window car, you are dead man. That’s helpful

  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

     2 months ago

    She has big tits

  • Shawn Willard

    Shawn Willard

     5 months ago +6

    So if I can't open window or door quickly, I can't get out. That's what your saying without saying it.

  • ShadowsGathered


     5 months ago +3

    This didn't help me a bit. I'm trying to find a tool that WILL work on laminated windows. Preferably under its own power. I've searched & searched, and can't seem to find anything that will punch out the window for me. Thought I would find it here, but no.

  • mia1shooter


     7 months ago

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  • FishizzleBoy


     8 months ago

    I want to know about the controversy coming up at the end of the video!

  • mybluebelly


     10 months ago +24

    All of a sudden the electric windows don`t seem such a bright idea afterall...

  • JazzyGirl 2012

    JazzyGirl 2012

     11 months ago +30

    How do you roll down the window if you have power windows!!???? And “ turn around, don’t drown”? Wtf kinda advice is that? Of course if I’m able to turn around I will.

  • Joe Didit

    Joe Didit

     a years ago +7

    Some cars have a combination of glass types.  So you should check your car and know ahead of time.  I have a 2017 Buick Lacrosse, and it has laminated glass in the windshield and both front passenger and drivers windows.  But the back-seat windows are both tempered glass.  So if I had one of those hammers, I would need to try to get to the back-seat to break the glass, or have someone in the back-seat break it for me.

  • Titus Pullo

    Titus Pullo

     a years ago +47

    And what do you do if the emergency services are not around? Short answer......die

  • Anthony Ricci

    Anthony Ricci

     a years ago +8

    Man, this really sucks.