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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 27, 2021
  • MAL HAS A BROTHER and some DESCENDANTS and a DISNEY PRINCESS are IN LOVE with him! When some of MAL’s friends find out that MAL HAS A BROTHER and he’s coming to STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC, they have mixed feelings. Some of the DESCENDANTS and a DISNEY PRINCESS are in love…others, not so much. MAL HAS A BROTHER, Heath, and he’s after the SPIRIT STONES. Some DESCENDANTS and a DISNEY PRINCESS must find the SPIRIT STONES in order to win Heath’s affection. But, is MAL’s BROTHER doing this for good or does he have other intentions for the SPIRIT STONES?! Will the DESCENDANTS and DISNEY PRINCESS be able to break the LOVE SPELL they find themselves under? Find out in this episode of STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC by BFF BESTIES! And let us know in the comments any clues you see or theories you have.

    STARLIGHT SCHOOL of MAGIC by BFF BESTIES features Mal and the Descendants, and Elsa, Belle, and the Disney Princesses all attending a college for magic in order to study the magical arts. When the Chaos Crew attempts to take over, they have to use their newfound magical powers to stop them.

    In a new series MADE FOR TEENS, Laura Elizabeth Hall and Adam Ilami, formerly of The Super Pops as Cosmic Pop and Prospero on Totally TV play Descendants and other characters in these cosplay parody videos!! STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC by BFF Besties has mystery, music and so much more! If you love Descendants and Harry Potter, you’ll love these videos!

    This episode written by Laura Elizabeth Hall, Adam Ilami, and Bee Avila

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