How I walked 2650 miles with a single backpack | A PCT Gear Video

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 31, 2020
  • I am no. gear. expert.
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    - Did I start alone? Yes. But the trail is super easy to make friends on, so relax and trust that along the 2650 miles of dirt, you’ll meet at least one person you might want to hike with.
    - Music? I source it from MusicBed & Epidemic Sound - I also have a playlist!
    - How much money did you spend on the trail? Around $1000 USD a month.
    - Your Hiking and Filming Gear? A video is coming, for now - check out my webpage (as above)
    - Favourite Foods? A video is also coming, but for now just trust that peanut butter was a staple.
    - How I edit? On Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
    - How did I charge my gear? I would charge it using a power bank or every 3-7 days in towns.
    - One piece of advice: Do your research, but understand that you’ll never feel truly prepared. Get your gear sorted, try talking to someone who has done the trail, don’t be disheartened by fear-mongering. Always make decisions based on your own experience. And just enjoy one of the wildest rides of your life!

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