Bronny James and Zaire Wade TEAM UP in HS at Sierra Canyon Next Season! LeBron and D Wade 2 0!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 30, 2019
  • The Sierra Canyon high school basketball program isn’t just reloading with talent, it’s reloading with more sons of NBA royalty, according to multiple sources close to the Sierra Canyon boys basketball program.

    LeBron James Jr., known as Bronny and the son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, and Zaire Wade, the son of newly retired Dwyane Wade, are expected to team up for Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth next season.

    The pairing of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade was so successful with the Miami Heat, they were able to win consecutive NBA championships while forming one of the more iconic duos the league has ever seen. Now we're about to see it again on a slightly different and smaller scale.

    According to a report Wednesday night from Tarek Fattal of the Los Angeles Daily News, the sons of the former Heat legends -- Bronny James and Zaire Wade -- will be following in their fathers footsteps by teaming up on the court next season at Sierra Canyon, a California powerhouse high school program that perennially produces college talent.

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  • Vito Anderson

    Vito Anderson

     3 months ago

    that killer instinct comes with up bringing

  • Lost Under the Sky

    Lost Under the Sky

     5 months ago

    Not as good as lamelo

  • Breon Worthy

    Breon Worthy

     5 months ago

    The crazy thing is that they have the exact same age difference between each other as both of their dads do

  • Brandon A

    Brandon A

     5 months ago

    Bronny going to crossroads

  • Supreme Being

    Supreme Being

     6 months ago

    Zaire is better than Bronny

  • Mat ro

    Mat ro

     6 months ago +1

    Miami 2.0🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ayena Noel Valentine

    Ayena Noel Valentine

     6 months ago

    Legacy protection is a good thing , their future is already bright bc media and their parents will promote them and NBA is already waiting for them . They got everything but some under rated and under ground players will only challenge them in the NBA

  • Austin Mosier

    Austin Mosier

     6 months ago

    Am I the only one confused on how Antony plays with blue chips if he’s livin in California

  • Xxxtentacion 19

    Xxxtentacion 19

     6 months ago +1

    Bro I wish they would play spire academy that game would be lit asf🔥🔥🔥

  • Tejas Rao

    Tejas Rao

     6 months ago


  • mlark 85

    mlark 85

     6 months ago

    Lil bronny got sumthing but Z. Wade look like he ready for da league..ijs

  • Dee Prits

    Dee Prits

     6 months ago +26

    Zaire got them sleepy Tracy mcgrady eyes...he's gonna be a killer😂

  • Money Mitch

    Money Mitch

     6 months ago

    Just my opinion and he can get better but I don’t see how LeBron James son is that good every video I seen he’s not really doing anything

  • Biakmawia Pachuau

    Biakmawia Pachuau

     6 months ago

    They're gonna be famous....

  • Astin Martin

    Astin Martin

     6 months ago +5

    Let me know when they're better than their fathers .....I don't wanna see no "average" playing son's of NBA superstars. ...sorry, not sorry😚

  • Xpose Yums

    Xpose Yums

     6 months ago

    Gonna be honest bronny just not aggressive enough and not to athletic but d wade son I can see him in the nba hope the best for both of em tho hope bronny get more aggressive

  • La'Mont Johnson

    La'Mont Johnson

     6 months ago

    Bronny needs a bit more weight BUT that'll come w/time he already has "Lebron-ish Power"...Zaire MAY be even faster than his dad! They BOTH play like they want to live their own legacies

  • shawn seawood

    shawn seawood

     6 months ago +3

    It would be a experience for bronny.

  • shawn seawood

    shawn seawood

     6 months ago

    Lol really. Wow

  • ohits.Shawn Tv

    ohits.Shawn Tv

     6 months ago

    Is this permanent