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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 22, 2018
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    Some thoughts on the current state of magic...Also..Thank you for 2 million Subs!!








    Chris Ramsay
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  • Chris Ramsay

    Chris Ramsay

     11 months ago +578

    Can't thank all of you enough. Spoiler alert.. Tutorials are coming back.

  • Mike Arden

    Mike Arden

     3 months ago

    This was really well-thought-out. I appreciate all your thoughts on it. And to sort of help make the distinction you were drawing a bit clearer, the difference between an artist performing Magic and a person who drops 50 bucks in a magic shop is analogous to the difference between someone who can transform a blank canvas into a beautiful, colorful, intricate, unique design vs someone who does a color by number. Thanks again, cheers!

  • Dovin 88

    Dovin 88

     6 months ago

    After reading Magic is dead, I watch this talk videos and understand more and more what you mean...

  • anton de swardt

    anton de swardt

     6 months ago

    And here i am now asking my friends the same and nice to hear their comments as well

  • garrythirtle


     7 months ago

    Almost at 2.5 Mill subs now and growing by the day 👏 🙌

  • Ross Bucklar

    Ross Bucklar

     7 months ago

    I thought you were going to give away your 2 million subs lol

  • Ibuprofen 800

    Ibuprofen 800

     8 months ago

    anyone knows where he buys his pastel sweats?

  • Mikey Burford

    Mikey Burford

     8 months ago

    So glad you're doing tutorials again :)

  • Jon Phillips

    Jon Phillips

     9 months ago

    Great points

  • John Blankenship

    John Blankenship

     9 months ago

    Is there an argument in the magician community to refer to yourself as a magician or an illusionist? IMO magic is implying supernatural, so it can’t be considered art. If you inform me what I’m about to witness is an illusion, let’s me know there is a logical explanation behind this but what is going to take place will seem illogical. There is most definitely art to doing that.

  • Hannes Karp

    Hannes Karp

     9 months ago

    Well said :)

  • Tobias Kyon

    Tobias Kyon

     9 months ago

    I'm late to the party, but fuck it.
    The question of what constitutes art is an old one.
    Is it the reception? Is it the craft? The answer lies somewhere in the middle.
    No, not every painting is art, that is a rather dull perspective, a lot of them are just pigment on canvas.
    On the other hand, what Piet Mondrian did is in fact art, even if some more simple-minded people (and I don't mean that in a bad way!) wouldn't consider it as such.
    In my opinion, art is a combination of "mastery" of a technique and the creation of something new, even if it is by recombining old techniques like premade magic tricks.
    An artist really, truly creates, and the audience "feels" the process of creation, the work that has been put into it.
    Samuel Beckett was dreaded by actors because of his habit to rehearse the tiniest bits of a performance ad nauseum, for hours and hours. But the result was a natural, serene ease that made every performance art.
    When you perform, for example, the combination of tremendous skill resulting from, as i assume, hours upon hours of practice and knowledge is visible in the flow, in the rearrangement of things, in the lightness of the performance.
    That makes your performance art, even if I know exactly what you're doing.
    A gadget magician that tries to replicate an effect as close to his instructions as possible to create a forced reaction in the audience on the other hand has nothing to do with art (nothing against gadgets, if you're an artist, you can use simple tools in a way that is, well, art)
    So yeah, I'm sure laymen's knowledge about the topic doesn't hurt the art at all, it evolves it. It only shows "magicians" like THE GREAT TARDINI their place. And that's a good thing. Imagine everybody thinking they were Goya because they can hold a paintbrush.

  • bob bob

    bob bob

     9 months ago

    yeah I got bored on this vid . I stopped watching half way .

  • Scarlet Skinner

    Scarlet Skinner

     9 months ago

    I never want to buy tricks. I always prefer to make my own. Not cuz I'm cheap, but cuz I don't see repetition of strict rules as art. I prefer making my own, more flexible, tricks, or modify ones from old books.

  • Adam Cope

    Adam Cope

     9 months ago

    Why would saying "Avatar is just 'Pocahontas with blue people'" be a valid critique if one could also say Apocalypse Now! is just "Heart of Darkness in Vietnam". I would argue that the critique is structurally the same, but Apocalypse Now! is a far superior film to Avatar despite the fact they can be subject to the same critique.

  • Socrates


     9 months ago

    Magicians who rely on the mystery of their tricks, either are peddling one dimensional tricks or are not good magicians. It should be the quality of performance. Chess audience watch all the moves of great players openly, but know that it is the set up of those moves that create a superb game. It would be cool if magic is totally demystified, and it becomes performance art.

  • Thevagabondtree


     10 months ago

    That’s exactly what is happening to art everybody understands how to make art now that all it takes is learning and practicing and the whole art world has almost turned into a design world you can wow a crowd with a piece of art or a magic trick but the gap is closing for sure where every person can figure it out if they care...the game is in constant flux

  • Thevagabondtree


     10 months ago

    Damn dude, wise words

  • Thevagabondtree


     10 months ago

    Dang I’m like late for every single giveaway

  • Max Aggropop

    Max Aggropop

     10 months ago

    this contains so much truth...beyond the art/skill/trade/prrofession/commodity of "magic". that just happens to be your thing. but it applies to everything in life that you do. that you love. that you want to show others, and want them to love it too....

    when i was in kindergarden i saw a magician at the summer barbecue palm a ball...since that moment i didn't even like magic. or so i thought. i just didn't care, becasue as a child, where all things are magical this one sloppy blunder of a performance just made me think...whats so great about that? stupid tophats, and even a three year old sees whats it about and how it is done. the opposite of magic. i to appreciate magic as an adult when i first saw pen&teller. their act was right up my alley. i also love piff and other comedy magicians, who just do a great act, and "on the side" happens a little whoosh and a little switcheroo and bang: magic! i think you have it all figured out. i just love to see your vids for the whole shtick. your personality, your attitude, your style, everything just puts a smile on my face, even on a shitty day. i learned that is where the magic happens. the whole shabang. badaboom. btw, you call that winter? what sort of canadian are you? thats not even half a metre of snow! lol