Michael Blackson Addresses His Haters, Trashes Kevin Hart + More

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Cp4Xttacy94


  • Striker

     1 years ago

    This guys is funnier than Kevin Heart because he is more naturally funnier.

  • TheRealBlackula

     an hour ago

    @Keenan Henderson 👏👏👏👏

  • Kodwo Ampiah-Bonney

     15 hours ago

    Just being a Grammer geek, the "more" is redundant

  • Danne Matt

     6 months ago

    Kevin Hart is for family time in the couch, saturday evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm. Michael Blackson is for life muddafakkas

  • Jason Blackson

     2 days ago

    that's how it go with all Blacksons.

  • Supreme Marteen

     1 months ago

    Saturday’s are for the boys tho

  • Karlen Bain

     4 months ago

    Michael Blackson took his like a G. It’s also comedy, you can’t be in your feelings. This made me gain more respect and love for the homie and less for Kevin Hart.

  • Shade

     1 months ago

    @Jermar Williamson you one of those retarded niggas that differentiate yourselves from africans...your called AFRICAN AMERICAN for a reason your own people sold your great granparents also alot of africans and african Americans went back to Africa after slaves were free.....its a shame some black people will never learn no wonder every other race thinks all were good for are sports and rap smh

  • Brian William

     1 months ago

    Every one is too soft now

  • fgtrfdsw32 d

     5 months ago

    Wow they really tried to paint him as a bad guy

  • Krish Emchande

     4 months ago

    this interview really made me dislike angela

  • Habiba

     8 days ago

    She was doing waaaaay too much!

  • Darius Bethune

     1 years ago

    say what you want about Michael Blackson. that brother is on point he took that fire like a man he took that bearded comment like a man he took the phone call like a man. Michael Blackson is the s*** I have a newfound love for that brother. even more funny than he was before cuz I know he really mean that s***.

  • lwazi Morris

     18 days ago

    @Stacy Robinson Still he wasn't like crying baby like Kevin

  • Stacy Robinson

     1 years ago

    Too Much Sauxe no he didn't take the heat, all he did was make excuses

  • TV

     6 months ago

    Did Kevin pay for y'all to do this interview? Does he pay for more than the chairs? Geesh.

  • Deion Williams

     4 months ago

    They was defending Kevin as if he's a member of their orgie club

  • David Escobar

     5 months ago

    This interview made me dislike Angela she lame af!

  • Riley Freeman

     2 days ago

    David Escobar danmmm dude you late

  • Kai Ellis

     5 days ago

    She’s still hard

  • Raul Saucedo

     2 months ago

    They really had the ex called in. They fake af. Kissing ass to Kevin Hart so hard. They came out looking bad.

  • google user

     3 months ago

    I luv that he keep his African side though

  • Mark Jackson

     27 days ago

    As black as he is he will always be African.