Vanilla WoW - What Class Should You Pick?

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 30, 2018
  • I compare all 9 classes of classic WoW, many of which contain "dead" specs - talent trees that have no use or utility at max level. Also, I forgot to mention that paladins get class mounts as well.

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  • WindBlownLeaf


     2 months ago

    classic gameply when?

  • Turk


     2 months ago +1

    there was only 1 S class and that was Warrior. No other tank was really viable and Warriors were great for PvP as well. Everyone else was 2ndary .

  • MissPopuri


     3 months ago

    As a mage, around lvl 48, you’ll notice a lot of max lvl players asking you for bread and water when you only have the pumpernickel and second best water in game. I know as a mage in pvp the only way to go up against a hunter is get out of his range dps and neutralize his pet at close range.

    Modern versions of Hunters aren’t expected to kite enemies?!? I have been out of the loop so long that I would be shocked if a hunter couldn’t kite a boss around in the room after Finkle Einhorn in UBRS (I’ll have to check that later).

  • René van der Zalm

    René van der Zalm

     3 months ago +1

    Undead Warlock for the mount, Power to the Forsaken:)

  • Grailer


     4 months ago +2

    Only 2 classes worth making. Undead Mage & Orc Warrior

  • Grailer


     4 months ago

    Warrior aren’t high demand in raids but are top dps lol 😂

  • Shroomer


     4 months ago

    My only lvl 60 in vanilla was my orc warrior, it took me about 5 months to level cap lol

  • Max Engelhardt

    Max Engelhardt

     5 months ago

    The paladin is wearing Calamity's Edge, not Ashkhandi.

  • laquonanthony


     5 months ago

    30/21 for warlocks aff/des

  • Daniel Peer

    Daniel Peer

     5 months ago +1

    Warriors are always over populated. Only 1 main tank per 40 man raid. Then you have 2 OTs. Warrior threat generation is too high to really cut loose, but they can do good dps - guilds just won't want too many beyond the 3 tanks in a raid.

    Hunters are really only 1-2 per raid. (Because 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Just wait till your 1 Hunter can't make a raid, but you want Tranq shot.) You need tranq shot and feign death is good for raid wipe recovery, so make sure you're an engineer. However, everyone hates Hunters. They want to take the good daggers, axes, etc from melee players. They are almost never Engineers, so if the raid wipes they can't rez a healer. Their pets are always doing dumb things. And, finally, they are low DPS potential compared to Mages. Most guilds prefer 1-2 Hunters in a raid, unless they are just trying to fill raid spots.

    Rogues should be the majority of melee DPS. They come in very handy in BWL. There are never enough good raid Rogues. They seem to be populated by every wannabe pvp god/neckbeard in his mom's basement. If you aren't a loser, there will be multiple raid spots, 4 to 8 spots in 40 man raids, for Rogues.

    Priests are THE healers on Horde-side and there are never enough Priest players. Extreme demand. Paladins are stupid-good tank heals for Alliance, but they aren't there for the Horde in Vanilla. So, every guild wants PLENTY of Priests. There will be a minimum of 4 raid spots for Priests, up to 8 on Horde. I know 6-8 Priests, with only 1-3 Shamans and 1-3 Druids, was my guild's preference. If your guild is fortunate enough to have too many Priests, they will probably let some of you play Shadow, just to keep you raiding. Horde loves Priests.

    Mages are the best ranged DPS, and the more you have, the more damage each one does. So, like Rogues, there are lots of raid spots for you. 4-9 spots. You will have to respec for different raids, depending on your guild's progression.

    Warlocks are great, but you don't want more than 4 in a raid. 2 is ideal, because 2 is 1 and 1 is none. They are needed for multiple fights and you will find a raid spot somewhere, assuming you can actually play.

    Resto Druids are awesome Raid healers and have a battle rez. Their buffs are needed and you gotta have some for cleansing. Most guilds want at least 2 in a raid, but prefer Priests over Druids beyond that. They are hard to find, because every neckbearded basement-dweller who plays them wants to play Cat Form and PvP like a Rogue. (Why they didn't just play a Rogue is beyond me.) They are always in demand somewhere and a guild will usually make room for one because Resto Druids are so important to have. I have seen Ferals in Raids to DPS/OT just to keep the Druids around, provided they are willing to respec occasionally.

    Resto Shamans are really good, especially for melee-heavy raid groups because of the chain-healing they do. You want at least 2 because their resistance totems and mana totems are important. (2 is 1 and 1 is none.) If you can get a Windfury totem, it increases melee DPS significantly, too. The more melee-heavy your raid comp is, the more Shamans you can use. They are the least mana efficient healers, but they are force multipliers. They are great for 5-man groups, as well. (Especially if it's 2 Warriors, 2 Rogues, and a Shaman.) Enhancement has zero place in raids. Elemental builds are like Feral Druid OTs - they can step in to help fill a vital additional role (healer, rather than off tank) in a pinch and you might see a few, but no one wishes they had one. You would rather have a Mage or a Resto Shaman 100% of the time. So, you would need to be competent, friendly, and helpful to make a raid and it would probably be in a smaller guild that is desperate for raid members.

    Paladins are stupid good at tank heals. They can virtually spam heal with high enough crit chance and mp5. They are capable of 5-man tanking and are as good as Warriors defensively, but mana consumption makes them poor choices for raid tanks. (Certainly as main raid tanks.) With enough Str and MP5, I would think it's possible, but you probably won't get the chance to try. Ret is for beta-male neckbearded basement dwellers that like to finish other people's pvp kills, rather than killing anyone by themselves. All the itemization in end-game is for healer pallys, so that should tell you what they intend you to be.

  • John Brandt

    John Brandt

     5 months ago

    Druid tanks are great MT in raids, and in blues are WAY better tanks than warriors. After farming MC warrior still hasn't caught up, after your guild farms BWL and AQ I feel it evens out, and bears eventually fade to second place compared to a T3 warrior, BUT even then bears are SOMETIMES optimal due to vastly superior threat generation. If you are making a Bear Druid the big choice you have to make is: Should I make a night elf so I can tank almost any fight (fear ward) or should I make a horde druid where they want me to tank every fight (no one can pull aggro from you). I think horde is your best bet. shrug

  • Tracy Boyall

    Tracy Boyall

     5 months ago +1

    I was a hunter in Classic WoW and I loathed pink-haired gnome rogues with a passion. Especially as they were always twinked. This time I think I'll level a pally.

  • .


     5 months ago +4

    I think ghost wolf was level 20 for the shaman. Ohhh maaah gaawwdd was it a lifesaver

  • Mr. Pumpkin

    Mr. Pumpkin

     5 months ago +3

    The paladin is holding Cataclysm's Edge btw. Not Ashkandi

  • b d

    b d

     6 months ago

    You can definitely do more than “tank a little” on a Druid... if you just wanna tank 5-mans or lower raid content it’s not that hard to hear a Druid for

  • Dean P.F

    Dean P.F

     6 months ago +4

    Warlocks had great class quests, you do a lot of travelling, not just to collect your demons but also some nice gear and the lvl 60 mount, though farming stuff in WS could be maddening and of course in pvp rogues were a b***

  • Hyri3L


     6 months ago

    i try classic never ever palyed classic startet tbc and warlock and i stick to the warlock fear dot fear dot life siphon :D

  • Stefan Brand

    Stefan Brand

     6 months ago

    Enhancement/elemental shamans were kind if viable in real vanilla. Guild I was in I started as resto but went elemental and then enhancement with good damage. (And we cleared everything, semi-casual guild)

  • Bryce Gman

    Bryce Gman

     6 months ago

    Sword on pally is from archimonde in bc

  • Lincoln Osiris

    Lincoln Osiris

     6 months ago +10

    Awful grind, hard to succeed, little to no chance of getting an endgame raiding slot? Warrior it is!