Vanilla WoW - What Class Should You Pick?

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 30, 2018
  • I compare all 9 classes of classic WoW, many of which contain "dead" specs - talent trees that have no use or utility at max level. Also, I forgot to mention that paladins get class mounts as well.If you found value, feel free to drop me a dollar on patreon - me outside of Youtube:For music instruction - http://davidvstewart.comLearn about my Books – http://dvspress.comListen to my music – http://zulonline.com me –
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  • Arraya


     a years ago +457

    0:50 Warrior
    6:20 Hunter
    9:54 Rogue
    13:19 Priest
    15:55 Mage
    19:51 Warlock
    22:54 Druid
    25:19 Shaman
    27:26 Paladin

  • Brandon Boss

    Brandon Boss

     9 months ago +205

    I'm leveling warrior again. Because I hate myself.

  • JediM1ndFux


     a years ago +190

    I remember this invincible Pally that would show up with 4 Alliance friends at low level questing zones and kill all the low levels until a large enough Horde party would show up to battle them out of the zone. I was a level 60 Tauren druid with decent gear, I had been heavily focused on PvP and knew what I was doing. It seemed like months that this clan would terrorize our horde lands and my friends and our small Guild would show up to push them out. We knew each one of them by their in game name and I'm sure they knew of us, as we would always be there to challenge them when they had their way with our lands. Most of our battles we would have them out numbered 2:1(with the help of the low level locals who were high enough level not to get "one shot") and we rarely ever had the satisfaction of killing this invincible pally and his pocket healer priest.
    My point is that you should go into Vanilla Wow with a fresh mind; uncertain of which spec/class is best. I don't want to go into a brand new classic WoW and see 10 copy paste's of the "Meta Warrior Build." I was a "Oomkin", its kind of funny how I was never aware of this nickname as a "Bomkin". This OP paladin was Protection. Don't let other players define what spec/role you need to play based on your class. Better to be an "Oomkin" than a "Meta Slave" in my opinion. What made vanilla wow great was all the experimentation because NO ONE knew what was the best spec/class because game balance was always shifting. Who would suspect that a prot pally and a boomkin would meet nearly every night in glorious PvP across Azeroth. It seems that every video I watch about "Which class should you pick" seems to be a copy and paste from the last video I watched.
    Seriously these classic WoW content creators are just feeding off each other. Don't fall into the meta slave mentality, be the best staff wielding warrior in WoW.
    I look forward to hearing your tales of heroism. Stay unique, think for yourself!

  • Aenygma


     8 months ago +7

    I'm gonna be a Night Elf Mohawk.

  • Dean P.F

    Dean P.F

     2 months ago +4

    Warlocks had great class quests, you do a lot of travelling, not just to collect your demons but also some nice gear and the lvl 60 mount, though farming stuff in WS could be maddening and of course in pvp rogues were a b***

  • YouTube Premium User

    YouTube Premium User

     a years ago +68

    Wouldn't you like to be 14 years younger

  • Mr. Pumpkin

    Mr. Pumpkin

     2 months ago +2

    The paladin is holding Cataclysm's Edge btw. Not Ashkandi

  • J.M.V.C


     10 months ago +17

    Server first .. Druid tank -- Ony --- ZG --- Bwl --- AQ -- Nax …
    So you can be a tank .. but you have to pull your guilds leg and sell your soul for the gear you need

  • Smartassdroid


     a years ago +45

    I havent played WoW in ten years......... good times.... until they were bad times. Good bye social life, health and sanity.

  • Greg Olson

    Greg Olson

     a years ago +3

    Your information on most classes left a lot to be desired.

  • René van der Zalm

    René van der Zalm

     3 days ago

    Undead Warlock for the mount, Power to the Forsaken:)

  • Theriomancer


     a years ago +4

    God just thinking about only eight debuff slots AGAIN when the official Vanilla servers is going to be hell.

  • Lincoln Osiris

    Lincoln Osiris

     2 months ago +10

    Awful grind, hard to succeed, little to no chance of getting an endgame raiding slot? Warrior it is!

  • Tracy Boyall

    Tracy Boyall

     2 months ago +1

    I was a hunter in Classic WoW and I loathed pink-haired gnome rogues with a passion. Especially as they were always twinked. This time I think I'll level a pally.

  • CanslerForce


     2 months ago +1

    Really great overview! Information rich, engaging storying telling - just a great video all-round.

  • Kevin Runyon

    Kevin Runyon

     8 months ago +1

    Vanilla wow will all be 30-40 year old dps warriors

  • ham boigahs

    ham boigahs

     a years ago +85


  • Darren Orris

    Darren Orris

     a years ago +1

    Didn't watch the video but PYRO mage ftw!

  • Maria Veenema

    Maria Veenema

     6 months ago +26

    PoM Pyro usually went like this.
    2: Hardcast pyro+ arcanepower/trink macro
    3: PoM Pyro as the first pyro is still enroute.
    4: Watch two of them hit the target.
    5:Be useless for three minutes.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    Jonathan Reynolds

     a years ago +31

    The sword on the back of the ret paladin at the end is Calamity's Edge from Mount Hyjal raid in Burning Crusade. His cloak from what I can tell is also from the Sunwell raid in The Burning Crusade. :)