When A Man Called At The House, This German Shepherd Showed Where Her Loyalties Lay

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • It was as if Freya the German shepherd knew that someone was lurking outside the rear of the property. So, when the back door was opened, she bounded out to see who it was. And despite the man’s attempt to lean up against the brickwork and evade her attentions, Freya wasn’t fooled. When she saw him she didn’t even have to think twice about what to do, and dashed directly at the overwhelmed visitor.

    As you might guess by the name, German shepherds were initially bred to herd sheep. So it goes without saying that the doggos have a reasonable amount of smarts. In fact, according to Stanley Coren’s 1994 book, The Intelligence of Dogs, they are the third brightest breed in the world. And the canine psychology professor at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia knows what he’s talking about when it comes to kennel cleverness. It is precisely because German shepherds are so savvy that they are able to serve mankind so well.

    Indeed, all kinds of organizations often employ German shepherds as working dogs. In addition to the breed’s braininess, their power and obedience make them ideal for duty in the military or police. These are the roles that they are perhaps most well-known for. However, their intelligence also makes them effective as search-and-rescue or assistance dogs.

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