You’re Fired: In Memoriam Vol. 2 | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 10, 2019
  • The Daily Show tips its hat to another round of Trump appointees who either resigned or were fired, including Omarosa Manigault, Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions.

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  • louis david Nicoue

    louis david Nicoue

     4 days ago

    this show is pure gold

  • R H

    R H

     5 days ago

    Please Do a video on what these people do after getting fired. They all get big jobs in mega corporations with massive paycheck. People will see their motives of lobbying while in govt.

  • Big Teddy Bear

    Big Teddy Bear

     7 days ago

    :38... lmao. That shit actually happened!

  • Jerry Lorosae

    Jerry Lorosae

     7 days ago

    I knew the day he was voted the president he'll turn the WH into a "the Apprentice " set

  • Joe


     7 days ago

    piece of shit politicians. we need to take them out back, beat them up, and throw them in a garbage can.

  • Earl Barnes

    Earl Barnes

     7 days ago

    More people who hates trump’s guts....all this firing will be his undoing.

  • The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

    The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

     14 days ago

    ;( look at you up there and just as proud of yourself too huh? I know YOU wouldn't have ran your lil fat black benedict arnold ass up to those two demon flavored reporters if that was`me
    Not and get away with it.

  • The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

    The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

     14 days ago

    Whoa ! @0:51 "looks just LIKE A Snitch Missile smh like you had been wanting to hate on her idk what she did to you perhaps caca on you in every way all day no doubt blind could see that. oh

  • Jimmy Chu

    Jimmy Chu

     14 days ago

    Trump is such a low, shady, ignorant, arrogant, unethical, irresponsible and racist individual. Scum of society as president of United States? Good job America, shame on you, American history will carry this shame forever.

  • DeBorah L Pollitt

    DeBorah L Pollitt

     14 days ago

    I'm sitting here in September 2019 LMAO. observing Ms.O's scales finally fell off her eyes as she finally recognized "he's a con...truly a racist". Later Gen. Kelly would found himself pushed out of the Trump administration's revolving door. Of all the. people who Trump has gone after for exposing and rejecting him, Ms, O is the only one to have the last word. After she threatened to come after him regarding statements in her tell all book, it was nothing but crickets from Trump. Not his usual MO with women..

  • edgar melenedez

    edgar melenedez

     14 days ago

    the entire Trump administration is a tremp agency

  • Clystron426


     14 days ago +1

    His name is Rex Tillerson?... T-Rex? His parents were definitely trolling him.

  • BOB App

    BOB App

     21 days ago

    How evil,and nasty to fire a person 2 days before they where to be retired so they would loose their retirement and benefits. How low class.

  • w41duvernay


     21 days ago

    Trump prefers his own temps appointed agencies vs Congressionally confirmed.

  • AC TV

    AC TV

     21 days ago

    here when it’s almost 2020 like wow. just omfg

  • Raven


     21 days ago

    I’m so surprised about this...😂

  • Nj Osborne

    Nj Osborne

     21 days ago

    Anyone see “The Girl with the Dragon tattoo. A Black Woman locked in a room with a very powerful White man.
    And she’s not glitz take precautions.

  • muhizi calvin

    muhizi calvin

     21 days ago

    "Bye felicia"
    -Robin Roberts

  • Tenmil


     28 days ago +1

    This woman is an ugly evil liar who will do anything for a dollar !!! She is so damn sneaky !!! How dare she secretly record people in the White House !!! She will not be missed !!! Trump is the best president America ever had !!! Power to MAGA and POTUS Trump !!! Trump for president again in 2020 !!! ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍😊😊😊

  • Rueben Aragon

    Rueben Aragon

     28 days ago

    Let's just skip over this era in future history classes, mkay? Mkay