The Most Controversial Movie Endings Of All Time

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Have you ever watched a movie that takes you on a captivating journey and keeps you invested throughout its duration only to leave you devastated because of its lackluster ending?

    Yes, there are many movies with controversial endings. A director can’t please everyone and they have no control over how audiences react to their movie. However, there are also directors who are known to intentionally end their movies a certain way to make a point.

    The third act is usually the crescendo that brings it all together but here are the most controversial movie endings of all time.

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    Monty Python's Life of Brian | 0:00
    Titanic | 1:27
    Blade Runner | 2:13
    The Mist | 3:18
    Watchmen | 4:09
    The Dark Knight Rises | 5:27
    The Grey | 6:38
    Snowpiercer | 7:31
    Passengers | 8:43

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