BTS (防弾少年団) 'Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-' Official MV

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • BTS、日本9thシングル11月7日発売!

    韓国で2018年5月に発売された「LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear'」では、韓国人アーティストとして史上初の快挙となる‘ビルボード200'で1位を記録。
    更に韓国で8月に発売されたアルバム「LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer'」が‘ビルボード200'で再び1位を獲得。

    今作のニューシングルは「LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear'」からの大ヒット楽曲「FAKE LOVE」、「Airplane pt.2」のJapanese ver.を表題とする超強力なシングル!

    BTS (防弾少年団) 「FAKE LOVE/Airplane pt.2」
    2018/11/7 Release

    ■BTS (防弾少年団) 公式ホームページ
    ■BTS (防弾少年団) ユニバーサルミュージック公式ページ
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  • Somya


     seconds ago

    The outfits, the rain, the attitude, the song, the vocals 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • sandra luz Sanchez meza

    sandra luz Sanchez meza

     a minute ago

    los amo son mi grupo favorito

  • Gustavo Farias

    Gustavo Farias

     a minute ago +1

    Eres un tonto bueno todos son tontos

  • Andrea Laguna

    Andrea Laguna

     2 minutes ago

    The wallpapers on my iPad is BTS

  • Supreme.C. A.r.M.y

    Supreme.C. A.r.M.y

     3 minutes ago

    at 2:30 am i the only one that heard no homo?

  • Andrea Laguna

    Andrea Laguna

     3 minutes ago

    This is the best song EVER I love BTS❤️

  • Najma Xoxo

    Najma Xoxo

     3 minutes ago

    BTS, You Don't Deserve me as an Army If My Ass ain't in Korea Soon!😤 Gotta see you in Real Life cuz The Visuals & The Hype Ya'll Giving Me is No Joke.🔥🔥💖 Stan BTS, Stan Talent👏👏

  • Yyy Nbbb

    Yyy Nbbb

     4 minutes ago

    I love jungcook😩😩😩😩

  • Ana Luiza Oliveira Moro

    Ana Luiza Oliveira Moro

     5 minutes ago +1

    Quem ama esses lindo maravilhosos deixa um gostei no meu comentario

  • A·R·M·Y BTS

    A·R·M·Y BTS

     6 minutes ago

    Tae stan how do you feel when you see our Tata especially in the end ...🔥💔😶
    About me i died ✋❌

  • Ana Maria Andrei

    Ana Maria Andrei

     7 minutes ago

    Congratulations, BTS, on the PCA awards you have received yesterday!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤗😘 You have earned ALL the recognition and awards you have received this year. This is because you work at least twice as hard as the competition, the others can say whatever they want. Hats off to the undisputed Kings! 🌹👑

  • A·R·M·Y BTS

    A·R·M·Y BTS

     8 minutes ago

    Study & listen to it... ✨💕
    I died ❌⭕⭕

  • army JIN

    army JIN

     10 minutes ago

    Jin Voice its perfect 💗😍😍😍💗💗

  • Jungkok The-Best

    Jungkok The-Best

     10 minutes ago +2

    So tive uns 500 mini infartos

  • Hope Ful

    Hope Ful

     11 minutes ago

    Hello Please everyone participate with #project23 . this is to support our boys with the current situation. Go to twitter and click on the # to know about it please

  • liel.


     11 minutes ago

    My god jin... Im dieee

  • Yulian Durango

    Yulian Durango

     11 minutes ago

    amazing dance j - hope

  • Leen Sami

    Leen Sami

     11 minutes ago +1

    Suga oh my gad..

  • Tzuyu,Jeongeon & Me Having love triangle

    Tzuyu,Jeongeon & Me Having love triangle

     13 minutes ago

    Is this filmed in Malta??
    Jin's elderly friend's bar..

  • 、らむね


     13 minutes ago