Gordon Astonished By Head Chef Who Can't Cook Meatballs | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 10, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/D5MNS5Tj4fQ


  • Max


     9 months ago +1009

    y o u f o o k i n d o n k e y

  • Dark Ace

    Dark Ace

     9 months ago +3705

    "Maybe I don't know how to run a restaurant"
    One of the few owners that admits the truth

  • Digital☆Devil


     9 months ago +379

    "Are you going to cook?"

  • Coffee Pot Productions

    Coffee Pot Productions

     9 months ago +1630

    An Italian restaurant where the head chef can’t cook meatballs? Wow
    Edit: so apparently meatballs aren’t inherently Italian, but an Italian American dish
    This chef is still pretty hopeless though

  • Liam Welsh

    Liam Welsh

     9 months ago +1381

    She's too soft to be a business owner. If someone is doing a terrible job and they're not willing to improve, they get thrown out of the door, simple as that. Who cares if he has a family if he's not willing to work hard to support that family.

  • MasterSandman


     9 months ago +66

    I can tell the owner one thing... she has been the chef's friend for 10 years, but he hasn't been her's!

  • Seize 3

    Seize 3

     9 months ago +85

    Tatiana was one of the worst owners. I'm sorry, but that man did not to deserve to be the head chef. Doesn't care, lazy, and doesn't even know how to cook a meatball

  • Haoto - Anime on Piano

    Haoto - Anime on Piano

     9 months ago +612

    Language barrier? Nah, even if that chef did speak English. I doubt he'll understand anything other than burning his meatballs.

  • biggybtoussaint


     9 months ago +295

    That chef doesn’t even have the balls to properly make MEATBALLS!!! SHAME!!!

  • G Heals

    G Heals

     9 months ago +61

    this is why you dont go into buisness with your friends, it becomes to to difficult to make the hard choice and cut off the dead weight

  • Strong Beatle

    Strong Beatle

     9 months ago +261

    Each reupload of clips the Editor has to think of smarter and more descriptive words.

  • Epic Tien

    Epic Tien

     9 months ago +240

    I T T A S T E S M O R E L I K E C H I N E S E F O O D

  • syiera stuart

    syiera stuart

     9 months ago +87

    Damn I didn’t know you could be paid to be a bad cook

  • Nip June

    Nip June

     9 months ago +26

    He said NO i would've fired the shit out of him PERIOD

  • Niggabanana


     9 months ago +174

    I remember when Tatiana was so rude to the waitress and now Tatiana is a sad little bitchy crybaby, karma at its finest ladies and gentlemen

  • _Bob McCoy

    _Bob McCoy

     9 months ago +1113

    Only Nino can handle such a great number of balls

  • Christopher Cruz

    Christopher Cruz

     9 months ago +330

    So glad that worthless baby of a head chef gets fired at the end of that episode, what a joke

  • LeMar


     9 months ago +343

    Alfredo con pollo, more like Alfredo con mierda am i right bois

  • Dylan Carreau

    Dylan Carreau

     9 months ago +17

    casmiro and pearla would be a match made in heaven

  • No Memes Allowed

    No Memes Allowed

     9 months ago +39

    Are we not gonna talk about gordon Ramsay KILLED chef Mike?