Trump Destroyed by Comedian Hasan Minhaj at 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 29, 2017
  • Hasan Minhaj's full comedy routine at the 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner. The comedian told one blistering joke after another about the sitting President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the media that covers him. Given this moment in history, it will go down as one of the bravest, and most timely, comedic performances in the dinner's history.Subscribe to TDC:
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  • The Daily Conversation

    The Daily Conversation

     a years ago +7173

    Stop Trump by VOTING!!!

  • repsandgrooves


     3 months ago +4115

    He killed this and 90% of those people were butthurt. He ripped into everyone!

  • Paris Monét

    Paris Monét

     1 months ago +881

    Literally forced them to listen to the stuff they ignore 24/7

  • Ana Traveling the World

    Ana Traveling the World

     4 months ago +908

    you can tell whom the Trump supporters in the room are

  • Emily Rose

    Emily Rose

     4 months ago +1866

    I think a lot of people aren't laughing because so many of what he's saying is so scarily true....

  • chuckable


     2 years ago +2578

    "He's done too much bombing this month" Camera switches to woman with hijab

  • Rebecca Rivers

    Rebecca Rivers

     4 months ago +4072

    Are they to terrified to laugh or too old and stuffy to get any of it? He's hilarious!

  • PsyintZ


     4 months ago +1599

    The more truth behind the joke, the fewer people laughing. Suffice to say, you could hear a pin drop for most of the night. Regardless, Hasan absolutely killed it.

  • life of lan

    life of lan

     3 months ago +1252

    Imagine a muslim at the end of the room laughing when everybody is quite
    „Hahaha good one“

  • Jenny LS

    Jenny LS

     3 months ago +1645

    Getting slight Tony Stark vibes :) Dude's a sarcastic genius

  • Same Bari

    Same Bari

     2 years ago +3753

    He's roasting everyone left right and centre 😂

  • radiant dreams

    radiant dreams

     21 days ago +390

    Are they not laughing because they don't get it or are they scared to lose their jobs!?

  • Dexie D.

    Dexie D.

     4 months ago +369

    I just find so much comfort seeing all the uncomfortable faces on those rich white men. I know Hasan probably felt uncomfortable with the fact that no one was laughing but I think the objection from only certain parts of the crowd only added to the comedy.

  • Khurmiful


     2 months ago +441

    The only profession that has always told the truth. And I’m not talking about journalism.

  • The Rising Pheonix

    The Rising Pheonix

     3 months ago +602

    So trump screwed this country so much ... That they can't even laugh at brilliant jokes ??
    Good job.

  • slowtowners


     2 months ago +270

    "we should be glad donald is golfing because its the less time hes being predient" genius lmao

  • Faiza A

    Faiza A

     2 months ago +319

    "He's done too much bombing this month"
    *camera zooms into woman with hijab*

  • mookooy


     2 months ago +371

    "it's like a bunch of stripper cops had to solve a real murder"
    I would watch that movie

  • KidInTheBlueHat


     28 days ago +164

    4:09 "If you go after the Adminstration it would be petty... in others words presidential!"
    Nailed it.

  • Alren Videos

    Alren Videos

     2 years ago +7643

    some people in that room looked PISSED 😂😂