Build & Battle: Import vs Domestic, Mazda RX-7 vs Chevy S10 in a Drag Racing Faceoff EP.1

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • Build & Battle: the realest build show ever made. Where we pit two professional wrenches against each other in a timed build-off, with limited budgets and basic tools. This season, the crew gets only $9000 to build the fastest drag car possible - with team Vargas choosing a Mazda RX-7 FB (of course) and team Bad Daddy Braddy choosing a Chevy S10... with an LS (of course). This will be an interesting battle...

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  • Hoonigan Project Cars

    Hoonigan Project Cars

     5 months ago +336

    Welcome to Season 2 of Build & Battle! New Cars, New Teams, and New Rules. What team are you on, Team Bad Daddy Brady or Team Vargas?!

  • Josiah Oates

    Josiah Oates

     1 months ago

    I started passing at 2:32 and let me tell you something. It was a majestic urination.

  • Dutch


     2 months ago

    S10 is a nice choice

  • madscientist 666

    madscientist 666

     2 months ago

    Did anyone know that RX7 was a first gen known as FB type

  • Corey Bell

    Corey Bell

     2 months ago

    your supposed to open palm the fist bump and yell turkey (looks like a turkey)

  • Da vid

    Da vid

     3 months ago

    No CNC Machines allowed? Damn...

  • J Heicheaux

    J Heicheaux

     3 months ago

    Mochibutt Turbo @16:45

  • Dayton Stokes

    Dayton Stokes

     4 months ago

    Brad cool your jets man before you blow a bubbie over vargas s way of doing things. There are things you do that is wtf at times too. I know you wanted to race the older brother due to he is track cred for you if you beat him at a race. We always can t always get what we want.but look on the bright side you get to spend 8 grand of someone elses money to build a power sled. J.s.

  • Screwed UpJodeine

    Screwed UpJodeine

     4 months ago +1

    I just got my s10 2000 s10 about a month ago for $500

  • TearfulHarlot


     4 months ago

    5.3? Isnt the 5.7 the same size block but better in almost every way?

  • Stexer


     4 months ago

    whats that first song like some from a opera shit slaps

  • 1423 171

    1423 171

     4 months ago

    A 3.924L rotary vs a 5.3L?

    Mazda doesn't measure the displacement right tbh 654CC per Rotor face 3 rotor faces per dorito 2 rotors so thats 3.924 Liters not 1.3L

  • NielsW124


     4 months ago

    sooo when is 4k content coming from you guys...its about time

  • Bliss Restt

    Bliss Restt

     4 months ago

    The most unrealistic thing about these builds is having friends.

  • TheElement911


     4 months ago

    Cutting the budget AFTER they started spending was very unfair.

  • romone crosby

    romone crosby

     4 months ago

    At 8:16 MOCHI the Pomeranian for the win

  • romone crosby

    romone crosby

     4 months ago

    I am eating a bag of Doritos right now

  • Drifting Roku

    Drifting Roku

     4 months ago

    how come im just now seeing this when ive seen other stuff about it on different channels?

  • Alex Marks

    Alex Marks

     4 months ago

    That was a pretty dick move to do it after they were done brad made a very good point

  • Grant Butler

    Grant Butler

     5 months ago

    One of you two should have done then Electric swap