NieR: Automata OST - The End of YoRHa

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 1, 2017
  • I'm proud to announce that i worked with Emi Evans on my new song called : "Designed to End (feat. Emi Evans)". Watch now:
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  • Liam Maugeri

    Liam Maugeri

     a years ago +780

    This marks the end of my journey through the entire Drakengard/ Nier series... and what a journey it was. Joy, pain, excitement, and oh so much sadness, it may have been a bleak one but it shall be one that sticks with me forever. What all started with figuring I'd pick up Nier: Automata during a steam sale quickly evolved into a new favourite game and a stumble into a fascinating and engaging universe that grabbed hold of me and never let loose until I had delved throughout the entirety of it. From the beautifully tragic stories to the profound meanings behind every detail in such grimly alluring worlds, this is a game series I will often find myself revisiting. And now as I find myself delving even further into the lore through videos and supplementary materials, I find myself thankful for getting to experience this beautiful series. So thanks Yoko Taro, sorry it took me so long to find this but I'm eagerly awaiting whatever your next project is, and for now I'll just continue to listen to all the incredible and beautiful soundtracks that compliment your games so perfectly.
    I really just wish I could go through it all for the first time again... minus Drakengard 3's final song cause that was the most challenging thing I have ever faced in any game, fromsoft's got nothing on the camera in that fight, but if beating that wasn't the most satisfying thing ever, and even through it was insanely hard it was an impactful and amazing boss fight that I'll always love and remember along with my new favourite game series.

  • Harrison Snaadt

    Harrison Snaadt

     4 days ago

    I may not know your face
    I may not know your name
    but in spite of that
    you are my friend

  • あかつきレヴィ


     5 days ago

    I'm only watching next Olympics in Tokyo if they play this.

  • Heroine of Time

    Heroine of Time

     7 days ago +1

    I'm here right now, having finished NieR Automata's ending E not even an hour ago. I was feeling suicidal, not wanting to do much more than stay in bed all day. But I wanted to see where the game would lead me. People said the E ending was phenomenal and amazing and such. So I powered through, still in a depressive daze, but trying my best to pay attention to the story.
    Gosh, the moment i saw the support first message scroll across my tv screen, and heard weight of the world playing as I read the question "DO YOU ACCEPT DEFEAT?" i pressed no. it felt like there was some ray of hope shining through my heart for the first time in a long while... I kept getting hit, but more support messages came in, and I didn't feel so alone all of a sudden...
    And then the chorus of voices singing along and everyone else helping me... I almost cried.
    I want to help people too. I deleted my save file without hesitation, and smiled as I watched it all being erased. If it meant I could help others, and that my voice could help someone in need, feeling the same way as I did... I'll gladly give everything.

  • Fool Moon

    Fool Moon

     7 days ago

    A message to those who sacrificed their save data to help a player finish their game:
    Thank You. I shall do the same, so that they may also finish their game to the fullest.
    Data that have been lost in my endeavor:
    - wuxun
    - TheMech
    - Lovecraft
    - Derii
    - NincoopOOpEXE
    - CastVenus

    Again Thank you for helping me when i needed it the most

  • P in the Face

    P in the Face

     7 days ago

    SCREW YOU SQARE ENIX CO., LTD.!! (Keeps shooting

  • Noire Blackheart

    Noire Blackheart

     7 days ago

    The lyrics make me think this is another song for the twins ngl

  • 김다문


     7 days ago

    Sony Computer Entertainment killed me 5 times

  • 김다문


     7 days ago

    Where is the first player who cleared that ending with no help

  • SlingShotShowdown


     7 days ago

    Goosebumps and tears of joy every time I hear this <3

  • shadowguy321


     7 days ago

    It seems I've been afflicted with a visual status's called crying!!! Damn it, game! You're making my ability to see extremely difficult

  • Jesús Cortéz

    Jesús Cortéz

     14 days ago

    😭 ♥️♥️

  • SuperNova99


     14 days ago

    3:48 😢



     14 days ago


  • スズリムPatryk


     14 days ago

    I cri ervi tim.

    literally, I just gave my save and cried again.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Your Worst Nightmare

     14 days ago +1

    2B [2B and 9S put their lives on the line.][Even so.][you've got us with you.]

  • 프룬


     14 days ago +1

    Hope? Despair? NO. beautiful despair. Everything we've been running for wasn't in vain. Maybe it's a new start for them.

  • 프룬


     14 days ago +1


  • That One Guy

    That One Guy

     14 days ago

    Anyone else tearing up whenever the choir starts their humming?

  • 霜降り


     14 days ago +1

    I'm Japanese man. I like this music