Do All Christians Think the Same?

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 5, 2019
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  • Jubilee

     3 months ago

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  • Jordan Irving- The Food Blogger's Kitchen

     17 hours ago

    I would like to share my views on "Do all Christians think the same?" Do you guys fly us out or?.. or some of the things people call a conspiracy theory in the Bible, " Do you believe in the mark of the beast?" " Do you believe in pre/middle/post-tribulation?"

  • Josue Ruiz

     2 days ago

    Next should be: Do all Catholics think the same?

  • Jonathan Leon

     1 months ago

    You can just feel the tension in this video.

  • Ginny Forbes

     7 hours ago

    @Lil Used Kleenex It has been my experience and observation over many years is that christians think other Christians are "real Christians" ONLY when those Christians believe the same way they do. Christians who thin and or believe that THEY are "True Christians" never seem to be able to consider that those Christians they say aren't true Christians is thinking the same thing about them.


     2 days ago

    For real

  • Xavier

     10 days ago

    *Man kisses another man, both men are in love and minding their own business**Adult rapes a child, leaving the poor child with life lasting mental problems and ruining the kid's life without their consent just for the adults enjoyment*Dumbasses: *ThEyRE thE sAME thINg!!1!*Edit: The people in my reply section are just proving my point, bunch of dumbasses

  • Ava Gross

     9 hours ago

    Amadou Diallo it’s called... consent....

  • Steven Gabballa

     11 hours ago

    Xavier nobody ever said they’re the same thing tho

  • Woo Hoo

     12 days ago

    Dang what kind of Christians are y’all picking up? 😩

  • Matej Tomčo

     14 hours ago

    Can someone explain? I don't understand this convo ... Catholics and Lutherans? I am Catholic and I have very good friends Lutherans that are real believers ...what is wrong with these peoples?

  • Kimberly Chiu

     15 hours ago

    Woo Hoo is it just me but going to Catholic Church and going to hill-song inspired Christian church is so different. I personally stand firm with my faith being catholic.

  • SlipperyCats

     12 days ago

    “I’m gay”Yellow shirt: bOuT tO End ThIs mAns WHOle cAReER“I’m queer”Yellow shirt: Oh FriCKkk


     23 hours ago

    “AlL BeLiEfs aRe cOrReCt”*COUGH* _racism, neo-nazism, pedophilia, etc._ *COUGH*

  • #FuckYou


    @Krystal Moore god never make mistakes? How do you know?

  • Vice

     3 days ago

    "Homosexuality is a sin""God loves everyone equally" *goes to the right*

  • niccc ccc

     3 hours ago

    Its not really contradictary, because God loves the sinner but not the sin. Even before we knew Christ, He loved us. Despite everything we've done, all the sins etc, He still loves us. And i don't really see it as God loves us all equally but He loves us all differently. Because we are all different people who go through different experiences, God doesn't love 2 people, who have different talents like singing and evangelism, the same way because they are both unique.

  • Steven Gabballa

     11 hours ago

    Vice god loves everyone equally no matter how much they sin

  • Sinead B

     3 months ago

    It's terrifying that's there's still people out there that think gay people and pedophiles are the same. That kind of hatred and ignorance is shameful and genuinely damaging to innocent people.

  • Raisa Trivedi

     an hour ago

    Yeah my mother thinks that pedophiles and homosexuals are the same and she's very strongly opiniated woman so there is no way anyone is changing her views .

  • prince

     4 hours ago

    rockafelladw The main difference is that pedophilia ruins the lives the poor innocent young children whereas consensual homosexuality does nothing but disturb the religious views of certain people. It’s appalling how you people relate acts like pedophilia and necrophilia to something as harmless as loving the same gender.

  • may

     8 days ago

    the second the question about the lgbtq+ community popped out i knew i had to prepared myself

  • Gibbyyy

     14 hours ago

    Coletrain Hetrick because yellow shirt was being extremely homophobic

  • pineapple lives matter

     15 hours ago

    I was prepared to get 😡

  • Stefani

     12 days ago

    Im trying so hard to finish this video.... bravo to the queer girl and gay guy who stood their ground in this room.

  • Madeline Hiatt

     4 hours ago

    @Lil Used KleenexBeing gay isn’t against the religion. People can’t help their attraction to same sex. And the yellow shirt lady was saying, “being gay means, a 20 year-old man liking a 10 year-old boy”. Which is not even close to being true!

  • Madeline Hiatt

     5 hours ago

    @DEFUALT RookieThat isn’t true, being Gay isn’t a sin. If you are gay, you are still an equal. Did you ever understand at one point in life that, gay people can’t help being gay?!?! It’s like people saying, “Straight People have to marry the same sex.” Straight people like opposite sex, gay people like same sex. You cannot control it. They were not trying to change the Bible, they didn’t say anything about it that wasn’t true. Please, be more empathetic to gays and lesbians. When they get told stuff l...

  • Garden Shed

     11 days ago

    I knew the lgbtq question was gonna be crazy lmaoo had me at the edge of my seat

  • Scout 1365

     23 hours ago

    Garden Shed, I knew it was gonna be a question and that lady in the pinkish white shirt had her answer spot on


     2 days ago

    I was howling lmao