Casually Explained: Video Game Genres

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 4, 2019
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  • Kuro Neko

    Kuro Neko

     11 hours ago

    As a competitive smash player that deodorant joke made me recall many tournaments I've been to.

  • Black Rain 黒雨

    Black Rain 黒雨

     17 hours ago

    Koreans sucks at dota though

  • Lawson Porter

    Lawson Porter

     18 hours ago

    You forgot that in RTS games you must construct additional pylons.

  • Jax , TheGrandMasterAtArms

    Jax , TheGrandMasterAtArms

     23 hours ago

    You forgot rhythm games. Where all the fun is completely gone by looking at how much better other people play compared to you.

  • adham abdel-rahim

    adham abdel-rahim


    Open world?

  • Tommy G

    Tommy G


    He missed on the FIFA example the fact Cristiano Ronaldo had changed team on the cover, a pretty big deal!

  • Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones


    I fucking died at "That was me doing 2 lines of coke off the keyboard" 😂

  • Ward Kousa

    Ward Kousa


    Woah woah and sometimes use deoderant
    Now that is some gourmet shit

  • Romaine Graham

    Romaine Graham

     yesterday +2

    Fifa will literally say “New dynamic dribbling” and change the way ronaldo runs

  • Andefir


     yesterday +3

    Why do racing games always get omitted? Especially if there;s many memorable and great titles like need for speed, forza, gran turismo, the crew, midnight club, etc

  • Bdogswag 11

    Bdogswag 11


    Damn no racing games

  • Duo Moji

    Duo Moji


    No you can't shoot lightning from your hands, but YES!! you can take money from dwarves

  • Manasseth



    2:38 lmaooo

  • תומר רוזן

    תומר רוזן

     2 days ago +1

    doing things you cant normaly do in real life like taking money from dwarfs

    High school bully has entered the chat

  • Tevita Mero

    Tevita Mero

     2 days ago

    I take money from dwarves all the time

  • musikSkool


     2 days ago

    You forgot Facebook games. Aka: The sad games of people who ironically have no friends. It is ironic because they are literally on the internet's official friend database.

  • ProSnipes z

    ProSnipes z

     2 days ago

    :48 I know he’s just joking around (r/whoosh) but you can see a clear change in soccer, the person on the cover, his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, he changed teams if you look at his jersey

  • Gelitin_ Skelitin

    Gelitin_ Skelitin

     2 days ago

    what about racing games where you skillfully ram your opponents into the wall?

  • Mufasa


     2 days ago

    Lmao this buffoon thinks Mario party is a casual game 1v1 me in domination and we'll see who's the casual then

  • Kai


     3 days ago

    I almost spat out my coffe over those Smash comments!
    Your videos are great 😁