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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 20, 2018
  • This is the one you've all been asking for. Scrubs.
    Ever since I started my medical training in 2007 all of my friends have been telling me that I MUST watch the TV show Scrubs but for some reason, I was always a little hesitant to start it. Maybe because I looked at medicine as a serious field, it didn't make sense to watch a comedy about it.

    Well, now I am taking your advice and watching the first episode ever of the medical drama. Although I think this show is less of a medical drama is more of a medical comedy or satire. I can see why many medical professionals enjoy this show because working many hours in the hospital system can leave you feeling frustrated at times,

    Now, as far as my opinion goes I have to be honest. This show is not as appealing to me as it is for most of my friends. I feel like they take easy shots at medicine and exaggerate a lot for the sake of humor (especially Zach Braff ) Not sure why, but the humor didn't land for me that often. I also think I would probably need to watch a few more episodes as the pilot is rarely the best one. Also, Zach Braff irritates me just a little a bit in his acting.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Scrubs / Real Doctor Reacts to Scrubs. If you want me to continue making this medical drama review series please like the video and leave me a comment on which tv drama show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!

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  • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien


     a years ago +12620

    Doctor is the last thing I want to be, I cannot bear the thought of shouldering such a heavy responsibility

    Much respect for all of the doctors out there! 👍

  • Geoffrey Bassett

    Geoffrey Bassett

     28 minutes ago

    I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was a small child. I even started pre-med courses in college. It was a episode of scrubs that actually changed my mind. I can't remember the name of the episode but it was one where JD basically had a rival who's quite frankly better than him, smarter, nicer, the whole deal. Well that doctor had a child patient that throughout the episode, the nurse would update him on the condition of the child. "Okay no problem just give him (insert medicine name and dosage)." Long story short, he comes to the realization that that child is going to die and it's nothing he can do and breaks down crying and quits. Then, I knew there's no way I could emotionally handle telling someone, especially a child, that they are going to die.

  • Oliver Schlüter

    Oliver Schlüter

     7 hours ago

    I think it hasn’t even been a year since I last watched this show and I already wanna watch again. Scrubs is just such a classic.

  • Will Garmer

    Will Garmer

     9 hours ago

    Too bad you didn't like Scrubs. I absolutely loved the show, regardless of its medical authenticity (I'm not in a medical field so inaccurate medical stuff just flies right on by me).

    Comedy is all about exaggeration. Your actual first night on call probably had zero laughs and zero pratfalls, but for comedy's sake, everything about it was exaggerated in the show and became funny.

    I guess it's like any other profession - you can't suspend disbelief enough to enjoy it if you're so intimately familiar with all of the details. Cops seldom enjoy cop shows, lawyers seldom enjoy lawyer shows, soldiers seldom enjoy military shows, and doctors seldom enjoy medical shows. Not never, mind you - just seldom.

  • pikamew



    My bf had dka and they gave him an abg, he said if he ever saw that guy again he'd kill him because it was so painful

  • Zach Stalheim

    Zach Stalheim



  • Captain Cunt

    Captain Cunt

     2 days ago

    I know nothing about medicine, however some of the things Dr. Mike says honestly I kind of already knew due to the simple fact I’ve visited enough doctors and hospitals.

  • MMMMMarrry


     2 days ago

    please do the show '' The Knick'' it's pretty dark, but the history of medicine is so fascinating!

  • ChAtlanta Live

    ChAtlanta Live

     2 days ago

    Scrubs is the GOAT!

  • sis same

    sis same

     2 days ago

    I saw this and had to click scrubs is my childhood literally 😂

  • Ice Princess

    Ice Princess

     3 days ago

    Love you!! As a student in the medical school I watch you for my terminology! Got a 90%!

  • Prism pigeon and turtle Oof

    Prism pigeon and turtle Oof

     3 days ago

    Does he a Fitbit AND a watch???

  • John McMahon

    John McMahon

     4 days ago

    How about reviewing the movie called, The Big Sick. It's based on a true story.

  • Mackenzie Garrett

    Mackenzie Garrett

     4 days ago +1

    At 5:23 he says he's done thus before all think was you through pills at one of your patient what 😂😂

  • london girl

    london girl

     4 days ago +1

    omg you're a doctor who praises nurses... my husband and inlaws are doctors and the most pompous people ever lol I'm a scientist and we're cool though

  • Brittany Bond

    Brittany Bond

     4 days ago

    Check out The Resident S2E5 called The Germ - you'll love it

  • The Smoove Fox

    The Smoove Fox

     5 days ago

    I work in the ER at a Children's hospital and all I do is get basic info and insurance info from the parents. But yo, let me tell you, trying to get that sort of stuff from a parent whose child just died, not fun at all. So I cant imagine what it's like to be a doctor having to TELL the parents the child is dead

  • aqu1r3


     5 days ago

    My toddler was trying to get my attention with his hands on my chest and all I could think was "chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions " and I burst out laughing

  • J.H. Miretskay

    J.H. Miretskay

     6 days ago

    Dear Doctor Mike, please get a shirt a size or two larger. Looking like you're wearing a woman's XXS shirt makes you look ridiculous. There's fitted, and then there's looking like you took someone's laundry by accident.

  • SuccessFairy


     6 days ago

    Another YouTube doc reacted to cells at work but where is your reaction to it🏃