10 Wrestling Stories That Prove Haku Is Badass

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • 10 stories about the most badass wrestler of all time. We are sorry about the Bullet Club Block Party Haku. Please don't hurt us.

    Alicia Atout video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6-T9BnZx6Io.

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  • Daniel Sanders

    Daniel Sanders

     2 days ago

    Jessie Barr had both of his eyes when he died

  • Salesi Teisina

    Salesi Teisina

     4 days ago

    lmfao the end. Wait till the very end. Haku still a stand up and humble guy. Tongans are the nicest people to hang with. Just don't piss them off.

  • Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

     5 days ago

    Jesus Christ Welborn 😩!

  • Spencer Smith

    Spencer Smith

     7 days ago

    This is a comment for those who don't understand that Haku could actually have a decent chance in UFC.

    There are multiple things you need to consider more that you haven't considered and maybe some things you didn't know.

    Pacific Islanders are some of the most savage warriors on the planet. They are tough, they are beasts and fighting/confrontation is in their blood. They are big boned and strong. Tendons, ligaments, muscle, all of it. They are built strong, tough and sturdy.

    Now, imagine one of the most feared guys from that group of people.

    His name is Haku.

    Now also realize that there were only a few people who were the boss at WWE. one of them was andre the giant. andre the giant was a genetic freak because of his condition. he had absolutely insane strength. i've looked into the guy quite a bit. he really was a real life giant and did some incredible feats of strength. he usually was the boss in the locker room but he did say that he was afraid of Haku.

    i've looked into Haku quite a bit and it seems that many of his stories are true. to be able to even do some of the things he has done to some guys means that you need to be able to have complete control over them.

    just because someone isn't actually part of an organisation where a specific skill is tested, doesn't mean they can't do well at it.

    there are many examples of people around the world that are better at other people who have won official awards in official competitions. they just didn't get the chance to be as well-known, or they didn't want to be.

    Haku could actually fight. He did do MMA training as well.

    i've heard many of the quotes in this video from the wrestlers own mouths. a lot of these guys actually do have wrestling backgrounds and a number of them do boxing. they are also very big and strong men.

    now consider that the most feared out of all of them is meng and there were several WWE guys who were a lot bigger than him, that means he really can fight.

    and you are saying this guy would get destroyed in the UFC? ha, i don't think so. give him 6 months training and i think he would really hurt some guys and beat some guys. maybe even a lot.

  • deadpoolnerd


     7 days ago

    Haku sounds like a comic book villain for Batman that somehow manifested himself to the real world god damn

  • Rich Affinito

    Rich Affinito

     7 days ago +1

    So haku wants to kill wilbourn. I would rather be jewish in 1939 germany than be in wilbourns shoes.

  • gary robinson

    gary robinson

     7 days ago

    Such a great guy. Some people deserve to get their asses handed to them

  • marcot


     21 days ago

    Those kinda of things he did is wrong and unhealthy for the business, dont try to make this behave cool

  • Rance dan

    Rance dan

     21 days ago

    Haku is the man that all those chuck norris facts are made about

  • Toxic Carnage

    Toxic Carnage

     21 days ago +2

    Haku would kill Brock in 5 seconds.

  • Tyler Held

    Tyler Held

     21 days ago

    Honestly I would love to see Haku fact check these stories while it's being filmed. Tell his side of it on the spot. That would be fucking phenomenal.

  • The Sedaiv

    The Sedaiv

     21 days ago +2

    Haku played a game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun by himself and won.

  • The Sedaiv

    The Sedaiv

     21 days ago +3

    People wear Superman Pajamas to bed. Superman wear Haku Pajamas to bed.

  • Crying Goku

    Crying Goku

     21 days ago


  • BuhbuhJay Champagne

    BuhbuhJay Champagne

     21 days ago

    There was an incident where Haku was eating and someone got mouthy. He stopped eating, bit the guy’s nose off, and then finished eating. Total badassery!!!!!

  • The Goddamn Batman

    The Goddamn Batman

     28 days ago

    Brock Lesnar ain't shit compared to haku!

  • RyCoke27


     28 days ago

    Oh, why did you stop recording???

  • Victor Ramirez

    Victor Ramirez

     1 months ago

    British Beta-Males love faux-fighting.

  • Timothy Grzeczka

    Timothy Grzeczka

     1 months ago

    Not a shock at all. Back when I was a kid I remember thinking "This guy could really kill someone in there if he wanted to." When they made Haku, HE broke the mold to show how badass he was.

  • Atif Jameel

    Atif Jameel

     1 months ago

    Harley Race is tough as well