"THEY WERE TALKING TRASH ON TWITTER!" RJ Hampton Game Got Heated! Ballsilife Full Highlights

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 13, 2018
  • RJ Hampton is Top Five High School Basketball Player in the Country. And with that rankings comes hate and trash talk. "We shutting down RJ" well that they got their chance here are the ballislife highlights.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/DeOSiRJzaik


  • Daniel Korok

    Daniel Korok

     18 minutes ago

    They got a lineman up in dat bih

  • D Armstrong

    D Armstrong

     4 hours ago

    THAT WAS SOME BEAUTIFUL DEFENSE @6:29 TO 6:37 By #2!!!!!

  • BecauseICan


     6 hours ago

    I like this Hampton kid's game!

  • Dovla


     9 hours ago

    whats the namenof player #2

  • PlainKane


     13 hours ago

    They flopping lmao

  • SeeFooKenny


     yesterday +1

    2:01 STINKY

  • Bung Chew

    Bung Chew


    @3:27 Look at how unamused that one guy is (in the stands standing next to the guy in the Laker jersey)! HAHAHA!!!

  • Jaccobb _

    Jaccobb _

     2 days ago

    #33 said in his mind “if we win this game I get some McDonalds later but if We don’t I can’t eat midnight snacks later” 😂



     2 days ago

    who is number 14

  • Evan Helm

    Evan Helm

     3 days ago

    I could ball all these kids!

  • Santiago James Hernandez

    Santiago James Hernandez

     3 days ago +1

    #2 is hella good

  • Rino Crljen

    Rino Crljen

     3 days ago

    3:30 is that larry wheels laughing?

  • Jonathan Wick

    Jonathan Wick

     3 days ago

    Fuck d other guys lol im,watching number,2 in white hahaha

  • Noelia Parraga

    Noelia Parraga

     4 days ago

    Shiit of player.

  • Tristan Diokno

    Tristan Diokno

     5 days ago

    What if Filipinos were tall? Maybe it's more exciting to watch....

  • Swish Swoosh

    Swish Swoosh

     7 days ago

    Why does everyone in the stands look like d wades son

  • Ninjahyperfury 15

    Ninjahyperfury 15

     7 days ago +1

    14 is a beast

  • moises lopez

    moises lopez

     7 days ago

    Girl at 3:09 did not just do dat

  • Donte' Wilson

    Donte' Wilson

     7 days ago +1

    That foul though.

  • Carrie Peel

    Carrie Peel

     7 days ago

    Rigged refs