Cardi B FIRST alleged VlCTlM comes forward & tells his FULL STORY in a NEW VIDEO (EXCLUSIVE footage)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 28, 2019
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  • Presh Ola Bey

    Presh Ola Bey

     4 months ago +1828

    Idk when Cardi B gone realize that social media is not her friend🤔🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Que Avant

    Que Avant

     4 months ago +94

    I hate to say it but Cardi’s downfall is going to be social media...

  • Jacob Powers

    Jacob Powers

     4 months ago +178

    Yep, women out here drugging men and not getting in trouble. Equality in 2019.

  • k3ri4 love

    k3ri4 love

     4 months ago +64

    He said he heard burr burr like that bird noise she does.. he's lying lika mf

  • Starr 2020

    Starr 2020

     4 months ago +70

    Cardi B gave every broke man in America an opportunity to ruin her life....Katt Williams "See that is what happens when you talk too MF much"

  • Miiniie Ashou

    Miiniie Ashou

     4 months ago +642

    Cardi always complaining about her struggle as if everybody dont struggle. Girl bye

  • Draco AC

    Draco AC

     4 months ago +124

    Double standards, pple hve lost careers over allegations, no judicial process trial by social opinion.

  • Old Soul

    Old Soul

     4 months ago +17

    I don't trust people that talk that damn much, but ain't really saying nothing.

  • Nastassia Hicks

    Nastassia Hicks

     3 months ago +33

    He taking too long to explain and keep repeating ish... he lying



     4 months ago +35

    He's LYINGGGG HES just making this up to push his own career 🙄
    I was done when he said he's always in 5 star hotels

  • Mel K

    Mel K

     4 months ago +19

    This dude is terrible at lying 🤣🤣

  • Mz Liz

    Mz Liz

     4 months ago +18

    So we just gonna act like we didn’t see him in a delivery truck just now? Lol!🤣😜

  • Rosalina Vasquez

    Rosalina Vasquez

     4 months ago +39

    MAAAAAN!!! Please if you set up the stage for a MF then someone gonna take it and put on a dang show, smh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Jaquel Hill

    Jaquel Hill

     4 months ago +8

    Alexa play Clout by Offset and Cardi B please

  • Leelee Roper

    Leelee Roper

     4 months ago +885

    Never trust a dude with "ACTOR" in his IG name!!!!

  • Chelsea Orey

    Chelsea Orey

     4 months ago +21

    Lol he said, he was doing drugs and selling them 😂

  • Phantom Mogami

    Phantom Mogami

     4 months ago +82

    Cardi B big mouth finally coming back to bite her? Or maybe Nikki minaj paid the dude lmfao.

  • tommy d u b b s

    tommy d u b b s

     4 months ago +26

    You asked him if he's being honest? And you think he's gonna say no? Worthless question lolol

  • Yvette Wilkerson

    Yvette Wilkerson

     4 months ago +8

    he said at the beginning meeting her (before the bird talk) but at the end say (i blanked out all i remember is the bird talk)

  • Marcus Henderson

    Marcus Henderson

     4 months ago +1739

    Cardi B should have just shut her mouth now she about to be the new Bill Cosby