How 'The Lion King' Remake Was Animated | Movies Insider

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • The Lion King” remake brought the beloved 1994 animated classic into 2019 with a mix of CGI animation and live-action filming techniques. We talked to Elliot Newman of MPC Film about creating fur, building environments, and creating characters like Rafiki and Scar, as well as how cast members like Donald Glover, Billy Eichner, and Seth Rogen got to perform in an incredibly unique set-up.

    Thank you to MPC Film. Check more of their work out here:

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    How 'The Lion King' Remake Was Animated | Movies Insider
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  • Mike Walko

    Mike Walko

     11 hours ago

    The way this guy talks is exactly the same as the #15 burger king foot fungus guy.
    It frustrates me so much

  • Olly


     17 hours ago

    Can't wait for the 2044 remake!

  • Sumatra Animator

    Sumatra Animator

     23 hours ago

    Sorry for modellers, lighting artists, groomers, fx, layout, riggers, art department, shader artists.... according to this video animators did it all.

  • Ryanos Mohtasham

    Ryanos Mohtasham


    The Animation was great i even cried in first 2-3 minutes of the movie but Damn the Voice actors was Way way beyond what animators put into this Movie.

  • Jinlong The Golden Dragon

    Jinlong The Golden Dragon

     yesterday +1

    I'm in so much physical pain seeing that all these animators and vfx artists put so much effort into what they were doing... all in the wrong damn places. Because at the end of the day this isn't the lion king. This is a nat geo documentary.

  • Romy Singh

    Romy Singh


    Oh my god just oh my god

  • me1648



    Yea I think a less real looking film would be better. It felt like a documentary

  • CodeHurricane Originals

    CodeHurricane Originals

     2 days ago

    So there were all NPC's

  • GAS and GIT

    GAS and GIT

     2 days ago +1

    This is what so many fans of the lion king fails to see when they were against the remake. This 10 minute clip must be shown to everyone who doubts the films success.

  • Maniak MK

    Maniak MK

     2 days ago +2


  • puppy _

    puppy _

     2 days ago +1

    this movie is ok. i mean i know that they were going for a realistic version of them but like their previous movies such as detective pikachu. yeah the characters arent real they are fictional but they made them in the movie look more cartoon like, they didnt care that much about realism but in this movie in the parts especially the iconic hakuna matata scene the characters where just walking instead of bouncing their heads around and having fun. they was too focused on making the movie realistic that they forgot to have fun with it. it was overall a great movie, i dont really care for live action remakes to tough but the movie was a 7/10

  • you're breathtaking

    you're breathtaking

     3 days ago

    hercules live-action remake would be nice

  • Bunny in the Box

    Bunny in the Box

     3 days ago +4

    Proof, if ever needed that even bad films take a lot of effort.

  • zouru


     3 days ago +5

    "Animate this live action remake" - say that again but slower

  • Natha Lie

    Natha Lie

     4 days ago

    I am still absolutely amazed by this movie. Currently studying animation/vfx at uni, hoping to break into the industry after graduating, and even now after 2 years of full time study I still have no idea how they did this. I'm just blown away and can only dream of working on something this perfect in the future!

  • Class Twelve L

    Class Twelve L

     4 days ago +1

    i felt it so real, dat i came here searching on how it was done

  • Bashar Abdullah

    Bashar Abdullah

     5 days ago +1

    "If they used one computer, it would take 8,790 years" Did they account for all the Windows updates in here?

  • upane kaushalya

    upane kaushalya

     5 days ago

    GOOD CG. And that's all. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE 1994 FILM. FORGETTABLE SOUND TRACK. . FORGETTABLE VOICE CAST. (Apart from James Earl jones as mufasa). Scar's voice is Terrible. JEREMY IRONS was awesome. Just a watchable movie. NO MAGIC. " I DIDN'T FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT ".



     5 days ago +3

    This movie does not get enough credit, seeing the animals in the first 5 minutes had me in awe

  • Jyothi Priya J

    Jyothi Priya J

     5 days ago

    its funny how they mention everything is done by animators there are so many departments in vfx do your research