In-N-Out Burger VS. Shake Shack! BEST Fast Food Burger in America

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Two of the most iconic burger joints in America are In-n-Out and Shake Shack. In this video, I chow down the beef between the west vs. east coast burger.

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  • Claire


     14 hours ago

    ask for extra crispy fries next time! :) maybe that will be a little better

  • JLAShazam


     18 hours ago

    How the fudge is mike able to put down so much food?? Dude eats like 5000 calories a meal

  • 1307scooter


     19 hours ago

    I wish we had In n Out in Florida, I love me some In n Out!! We have to settle with 5 Guys here but they are SO EXPENSIVE! So it really is a splurge food. I just heard on the news that we will never see In n Out in Florida, hated to hear that.

  • Booble


     20 hours ago

    In-N-Out looks tastier to me

  • Yakkeedude !

    Yakkeedude !


    in n out

  • vaibhav mishra

    vaibhav mishra


    just stop saying diaper, man!!

  • JenVi World

    JenVi World


    You have to get well done fries!! They are super crunchy and way better!

  • HenryTheGreenEngine3



    It’s like Biggie vs Pac.

  • kvbaby



    Five guys is better than both of these chains.

  • Kelsey LM

    Kelsey LM


    I recently tried shake shack in DC. I went with an open mind but I have to stay true to my California roots and say in-n-out is better...can’t deny a classic

  • Kendal Takeshita

    Kendal Takeshita


    The drip is valuable 😂😂

  • Robert Jacobson

    Robert Jacobson


    NY is known for bagels and pizza, while California is known for a fast food burger chain. What a joke. New York is the king of everything

  • denise miki ishida

    denise miki ishida

     2 days ago

    Shake shack is better, but in n out is cheaper

  • Erik Arnald

    Erik Arnald

     2 days ago

    swedish max hamburgare beats everything

  • Malia Michelle

    Malia Michelle

     2 days ago

    In N Out sucks! Horrible fries!

  • Dawn Ruiz

    Dawn Ruiz

     2 days ago

    The chicken one is so good 😩

  • vaticanassassin4


     3 days ago

    Team shake shack

  • Edith De La Torre

    Edith De La Torre

     4 days ago

    I’ve had both. I like in n out a lot better. Fries are my fave since they cut the potatoes 🥔 right in the restaurant. Double double is life 🙏🏼. I might be bias tho...I’m from so cal ;)

  • Chemaphex


     4 days ago

    Now get Matt Stonie to do it

  • What's tasty in Busan

    What's tasty in Busan

     5 days ago

    I’m so hungry because of you omg