WWE SummerSlam 2019: What Went Down

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • We go through what went down at WWE SummerSlam including the debut match of the Fiend Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar, Trish Stratus vs Charlotte and Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/E2bB2hT_uVk


  • Jack Baker

    Jack Baker

     7 days ago

    The feind vs Finn balor was the best match on the card

  • BigJake Powers

    BigJake Powers

     1 months ago

    The fiend is legit scary

  • janamezi666


     1 months ago

    Seth Rollins is awful! He is the master of cheap pop. When you thought it is Cena... nope, he passed that torch successfully to Rollins. I always hated him. They even needed Bret Hart to wish Rollins good luck. Cheap pop again. Those fake tears after he won the belt.. Cheap pop. He always gets eveything. He even got cheap pop fom DX at the Raw reunion. I know that this spot was originally planned for Ricochet but they could have used evey other guy, but nooooo they choose Rollins. Again. Dolph Ziggler was disrespectful to Michaels (and Miz) on Smackdown(!)?? Let's have Seth Rollins give him a beat down on Raw. Yikes. And at Raw after summerslam they even needed Stone Cold(!!!) to tell us what to think about Rollins. Rollins good! Rollins strong! Rollins champ! HELL NO!!!!!!! Now we will get Rollins vs Strowman for the belt I think? Wow.. Let's turn Stowman heel so Seth still gets his cheers. Strowman will be just an alibi challenger like Corbin and Styles. And what about Drew McIntyre? Nowhere to be seen when it comes to Rollins. Why? Because the crowd could cheer for him and Rollins could look bad. That reminds me of Jake Roberts and Hogan. Roberts got hold down and back because the crowd started to love him and that could have had weakend Hogan . But Rollins is even worse than Hulk Hogan. So WHO will be the guy that will take the tite off him?

  • Rickety Cricket

    Rickety Cricket

     1 months ago

    I'd just like to ask the comment section, how old are you guys??

  • The Sicilian Puerto Rock Stubs

    The Sicilian Puerto Rock Stubs

     1 months ago

    Dumbasses get stitches as well👀

  • Spud Gunn

    Spud Gunn

     1 months ago

    I asked my 22 year old kid who they would be, ahem, "thinking" about in bed that night/morning, Trish or Charlotte?
    She said Trish. I said I did when I was her age! Then my missus started glaring at me, for some reason.🤔

  • HQ Casino

    HQ Casino

     1 months ago

    Who has went on the network and watched that bray entrance and match repeatedly. This guy has

  • Square Pickle

    Square Pickle

     1 months ago

    Kofi and Seth both left with World Titles?? Disgusting

  • C More

    C More

     1 months ago

    The riff on Wyatt's theme is like 'Davidian' by Machine Head. The original theme was superb. This is the only cool thing in WWE since the attitude era music is very important.

  • Shane Whissell

    Shane Whissell

     1 months ago

    Canadian audiences though... This was my first WWE PPV and I can say being there live was amazing...

  • Holmesy87


     1 months ago

    I want Bray/Fiend's gloves to mean something.
    Like if hurt speaks to him, he ends them with the mandible claw. If heal speaks to him, he ends them with Sister Abigail. Like the angel/demon on your shoulder kind of thing. It would add some extra depth to the character other than just being bad.

  • branddon davis

    branddon davis

     1 months ago

    Should have had the fiend beat brock without cheating instead of seth.

  • UPRTitoStorm


     1 months ago

    Damn, no love for Becky/Nattie....I thought that was the best women's match of the night....

  • Captain Rish

    Captain Rish

     1 months ago

    Image the old whatculture guys covering this. Terrible what happened

  • david fitzpatrick

    david fitzpatrick

     1 months ago

    you know out of all wwe wrestlers I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Seth Rollins ACTUALLY WATCHES YOU GUYS!

  • david fitzpatrick

    david fitzpatrick

     1 months ago

    Thats the SECOND GOD DAMN TIME WWE ENDED THE SUMMERSLAM WWE TITLE MATCH WITH A DOUBLE COUNTOUT! The same thing happened last year between Samoa Joe and Aj Styles in New york

  • Matt Elwood

    Matt Elwood

     1 months ago

    Five more minutes for a Kofi comeback win or for Orton to win and then get mauled by Kofi would have made their match so much better.

  • Richard Doyle

    Richard Doyle

     1 months ago

    Not 1 tag team match on the main card

  • biginiraq


     1 months ago

    Takeover was awesome summerslam meh until Bray turned up

  • Cj singz

    Cj singz

     1 months ago

    The vocal said hurt heal not let him in