Most Expensive Mistakes in All History

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 23, 2019
  • Human error is almost inevitable. Here are some of the most expensive mistakes in history.
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  • Claudio Luis Borges

    Claudio Luis Borges

     8 minutes ago

    That expensive mistake with NASA and the people using the imperial sistem, yeah let continue to use a sistem that only two more country uses, it's gonna be okay.

  • Big boi Hi

    Big boi Hi

     2 hours ago

    Tell this guy to stop building super weapons instead of buildings ?😂

  • DETHdressedInRED


     19 hours ago

    Not JUST my mistake but partially a member of my family too. Several years ago I owned a $44,000 dollar single body tube frame dragster and a 32ft trailer for it and my tools and usually had my dad help me load the car into the trailer which required jacking it up so the nose cleared the angled gate but he had been sick and was unable to come. I asked of all people my grandfather to help lift the car (with me inside the nose weighs about 150 pounds) I myself forgot to mention to lift BEFORE pushing the car up the ramp, and thus up I went snapping the front frame nose cone and front wheels off of the car, totaling it instantly, but then even worse, the broken tubing then slammed into the gate and ripped it completely off making it impossible to get the car into the trailer to take it for any kind of repair. Both were a total loss.

  • Homo Sapiens in Futurae

    Homo Sapiens in Futurae

     20 hours ago

    And the airport is not finished yet, open end!
    It is only taxpayers' money!
    But the black zero is there! (No new debts)!😤

  • Homo Sapiens in Futurae

    Homo Sapiens in Futurae

     20 hours ago

    S-81 ISAAC PERAL:9
    This is a real submarine and only a submarine!🙄

  • Bravo Gaming

    Bravo Gaming

     21 hours ago

    The British police force that’s the waste of money

  • rr4298


     21 hours ago

    Most expensive mistake in history , trying to impeach Trump .

  • CallMeDotGuy AndThisIsMyAltAcc

    CallMeDotGuy AndThisIsMyAltAcc

     22 hours ago

    You actually got dome facts wrong about the Nasa ship. The architekt actually died and hes wife had to take over as the architekt of the Nasa ship. However she wasnt an architekt so she failed and the swedish king blamed her

  • Amirhamza Marfani

    Amirhamza Marfani



  • Greg Kar

    Greg Kar


    6:11 that's NOT Cyprus's flag....

  • macoct1406



    Combine all these mistakes and it still doesn't compare to the amount it's cost me to replace iPhones due to flipping out and smashing them

  • Danny Edwards

    Danny Edwards


    My most expensive mistake was when I had a go kart and some girl in my neighborhood took it for a ride, they drove it into some guys garage door costing 1500 in damages

  • Roberto Perez

    Roberto Perez


    Yo you forgot the Titanic

  • GLR



    8:22 WOW

  • Michael Loach

    Michael Loach


    Whats a jagwar? It still shocks me that america still uses imperial! Most of the world uses metric now. I know it could be difficult to convert all road signs to metric but it really isn't that hard to go to Kilograms, millimeters & Celcius! you might even go to liters & milliliters instead of cups! I just wonder if they still use rods & chains as a measurement?

  • Sune Ricardo Holt

    Sune Ricardo Holt

     2 days ago

    Its not called the north sea in holland.. thats on the other side of denmark

  • THATMemeMaker


     2 days ago

    This isn't the most expensive one but the worst one ever was saying vaccines are and even of they aren't and when they realised their mistake it was too late

  • 1ShaunyC


     2 days ago

    Most expensive mistake in future:
    Mining the moon

  • Maffoomars Games And Speedbuilds

    Maffoomars Games And Speedbuilds

     2 days ago

    Atleast it was mitsubishi and not a good car

  • Henry Cooper

    Henry Cooper

     3 days ago

    8:28 57 KM is about 35.5 miles. Not 0.6