My Audi RS7 was Taken From me By its Delivery Driver! Here's how I got it back...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
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    I recommend you stay away from this Auto Transport service:

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  • Samcrac


     a years ago +2427

    People that have figured out the name of the carrier have mistaken it for a different company based out of Tampa FL with a similar name (the shipping company in this video is NOT based out of Tampa) and have thrown it a bunch of bad reviews online. If you have done this please remove your review as "Naga Logistics" is NOT the company I had an issue with!

  • Jason Mueller

    Jason Mueller

     11 hours ago

    Jeeze that is a lot of BS to put up with. But I do to say this is some serious first world problems stuff...

  • Phillip Robinson

    Phillip Robinson


    Dude, this made me mad for you.

  • Bear8Photo


     6 days ago

    should of sued

  • Paw Paw

    Paw Paw

     7 days ago +1

    I would enjoy clubbing that driver in the head, just to see him in agony.

  • Rashid R

    Rashid R

     7 days ago

    All these fake ass car haulers with hotshot trucks make our Industry look bad!!! When some dirt bag Droving a 4 or 5 cars wants to transport your car... DONT LET THEM!!! These guys are rookie beginners.

  • Jesus is KING

    Jesus is KING

     7 days ago

    If a company takes your money their duty is to deliver service asap. They been paid so they need to respond.

  • Colaaah


     7 days ago

    Shouldn't the car just be taken off the same way they got it on so to speak?! Or was the driver of the truck absent both of the times it was put onto his trailer...what a doof!

  • Daniel lussier

    Daniel lussier

     14 days ago +1

    You should knocked his head off his shoulders

  • Jordon Rice

    Jordon Rice

     14 days ago +1

    If you can't get the non running car off the trailer in a timely manner, he can leave. Sorry you learned something that day (be prepared for the worst), but you bought a salvage car. If I was paid by the delivery and some asshole didn't have a plan to get the car off the trailer (you said you had to google and call people to figure it out???), I'd be pissed. You're costing him time and money because you didn't do proper research on Audi's.

  • o05 005

    o05 005

     21 days ago

    I would have had a buddy come beat up that truck driver

  • brandon Cherry

    brandon Cherry

     21 days ago +1

    this driver needs to have his ass kicked.....must be from another country

  • Jay Mula

    Jay Mula

     21 days ago +1

    What’s the name of that company

  • Bebo Soto

    Bebo Soto

     21 days ago

    That sucks man. Its actually good that you keeped it so cool. Me in other means would of blown up and probably made the truck guy day miserable and the company too. But its good you got your car after going thru all that BS

  • rafsolo


     21 days ago

    My dad had a similar issue and we had to call the police to get the car back

  • blackflag nation

    blackflag nation

     a months ago

    I'm a driver and that driver is a disgrace

  • Paul Antonyuk

    Paul Antonyuk

     a months ago

    Should’ve kicked his ass the first time he showed up.

  • Alex Mozheyko

    Alex Mozheyko

     a months ago +2

    Never would’ve taken him for a Pusha T guy lol

  • Chase Anthony Vaughn Music Channel

    Chase Anthony Vaughn Music Channel

     a months ago

    Those were auto reply text lmaol

  • Benge Collins

    Benge Collins

     a months ago

    Am I the only one who sees this from the transport guys point of view? What did he do so wrong, he tried to deliver the car as requested. It's not his fault that the car wouldn't move, you told him it moves and steers and it didn't. He was probably reluctant to let you get in the car because of his insurance, if you injured yourself he would be to blame. He had to get to the next appointment and it didn't seem like you were close to getting it moving so he told you he'd return as you wouldn't have let him leave otherwise. He redelivered to a place he knew could remove the car which is immensely sensible, he needs his trailer back. Seems you got the car fork lifted onto your trailer as well so perhaps the neutral switch thing didn't work? Just as well he chose not to return to the location you suggested. I appreciate it was frustrating for you, and he could have acted more friendly perhaps (though I am only assuming he acted unfriendly because of you being upset by this). You make money doing what you love doing because you are financed by the youtube community, he gets paid by delivering as many vehicles as he can and has to work to a schedule. Either you delaying him costs him jobs or costs him time with his family.