My Audi RS7 was Taken From me By its Delivery Driver! Here's how I got it back...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
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    I recommend you stay away from this Auto Transport service:

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  • Samcrac


     3 months ago +1585

    People that have figured out the name of the carrier have mistaken it for a different company based out of Tampa FL with a similar name (the shipping company in this video is NOT based out of Tampa) and have thrown it a bunch of bad reviews online. If you have done this please remove your review as "Naga Logistics" is NOT the company I had an issue with!

  • Rodeo Bum

    Rodeo Bum

     4 hours ago

    I think those drivers dicked you around trying to kep the car for themselves or knowing you never saw the car in person before, were taking parts off to sell.

  • JP’s Canadian Adventure's & Review's

    JP’s Canadian Adventure's & Review's

     13 hours ago

    whomever the delivery person was sounds like hes just tryin to gauge as much as he could, tryin to get extra, etc... but typical sometimes with some people... just cant help themselves... <_< glad ya got it and sorted out anyways!



     14 hours ago

    How the hell did they load the car from the auction? Using forks under an expensive vehicle? Unless it is being scrapped or absolutely cannot roll...hell no. This whole clip, and the author seems kinda stupid.

  • johanna dam

    johanna dam

     16 hours ago

    im contacting this company

  • Joseph Erwin

    Joseph Erwin

     18 hours ago

    I’m an auto transporter, myself. I will tell you that DOT requires hands-free usage on a cell phone and they also require a 34 hour off duty period to reset your hours of service after a given number of hours of service.
    All that being said, this driver was an asshole. I would never prevent a customer from getting on my trailer to help unload a non-runner. I tell them that I won’t pay for their injuries if they fall off or get hurt.

  • Daryl Voorhees

    Daryl Voorhees


    Thanks for your informative videos. I have a suggestion to list some of the reputable shipping companies that you have used in the past with good quality service and no issues. That way everyone wins! The good shipping companies get an advertisement boost and the ones that are bad don't get the help.

  • Gypsy



    its not your responsibility to remove the vehicle off their trailer, its their job, dealt with a couple of idiots, one of them pushed a 2016 jetta gli off not paying attention when we told him to stop and the car fell off the ramps and put a little dent in the subframe.

  • Gary O

    Gary O



  • jeremy blankenship

    jeremy blankenship


    So you are saying you want me to contact that company?? 🤔🤔😉

  • Brando Commando

    Brando Commando


    Incompetence is my nemesis. I cant stand idiots. U seem to like a challenge so keep up the good work!

  • charleysturbos


     yesterday +1

    Well i watched the entire video which was interesting. Went to get the name of the auto transport company that sucked and found he took it off. Went to look on google for similar names to Logistics. I found two but couldn't tell which one. Researched more and came up with a company that hundreds of people have left complaints for so basically i will leave this complaint sight with the reviews for you guys so that you don't use this company atleast even if it's most likely not the one he was talking about but might be. National Auto Transport (NAT)

  • Manny's Reef

    Manny's Reef

     2 days ago

    This video made me unsubscribe. This was click bait.

  • Mckayver


     2 days ago


  • / Nick

    / Nick

     2 days ago

    You should not have paid them, period. When they said it would be the weekend, I would have told them that if MY CAR was not IN MY DRIVEWAY on Wednesday, I was calling the police, reporting it stolen, and letting them deal with it. Screw that dude

  • PowerSports


     2 days ago

    Use common sense, homie! For such an experienced mechanic dealing with wrecked vehicles, you made some really basic mistakes. You should automatically assume a wrecked vehicle will not have battery power, and should have looked at the vehicle's override location(s) before it arrived,... and you should definitely have NOT let that delivery driver leave. At least not without video of you telling him he can't leave with your property, i.e. the vehicle.... .... And.... Maybe you've never been to an insurance company's tow yard before,... but they very commonly make use forklifts, because just like that delivery driver, they don't give a shit about you at all. ...I actually had an incident where my motorcycle was possibly-totaled, but upon arrival i noticed the forklifts and i got PICTURES AND VIDEO of the tow yard swinging it around on said forklift,... then i got video of the bike starting and running under its own power... and then i forced the insurance company to fully total it for mis-handling my property., because the forklift completely destroyed the handlebars and subframe, etc etc etc... ...Next time, learn from this, and research the vehicle before the delivery driver shows up.

  • Nadine Hamburg

    Nadine Hamburg

     2 days ago

    Wow what an ass! Its people like that —that make me feel sorry for the people close to them....their wife, family behind closed doors probably put up with the brunt of their bullshit.

  • Charles C

    Charles C

     2 days ago

    Sounds like this prick wanted to keep the audi for himself. figured he could get you all tied up and then claim it was undeliverable. what a douche flute.

  • Allan Sonac

    Allan Sonac

     2 days ago

    It's obvious the driver of the transport truck was a prick.

  • Khalid Bradshaw

    Khalid Bradshaw

     2 days ago

    Listening to youe stiry pissed me off so much! Shout out to u for keeping your patience with the whole thing. I wouldnt have been as nice.. Love your videos by the way i also shop at copart but for motorcycles keep up the good work u do.