Susan Boyle Owns Simon Cowell (High Quality!!)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 21, 2009
  • Simon Cowell shocked by Susan Boyle. Incredible Singing, This is Inspiring and a Must See!
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  • Susan Milstein

    Susan Milstein

     a years ago +158

    I still watch Susan Boyle's audition when I feel sad, or need to be inspired. It is magnificent. She deserved all the accolades she received. 💕

  • Peter Callaghan

    Peter Callaghan

     2 years ago +353

    This was, what.....8 years ago??? Still one of the greatest television moments ever.

  • Sonal Sinha

    Sonal Sinha

     4 years ago +184

    This is why you shouldnt judge a book by its cover

  • Ruthann Boggs-Roberts

    Ruthann Boggs-Roberts

     2 years ago +45

    This is from 2009 but she is the most beautiful person and I still love her singing that song.

  • Joyce Bray

    Joyce Bray

     2 years ago +53

    I can watch this over and over😊

  • Manish Malla

    Manish Malla

     3 years ago +447

    This is how ruthless the world is. They go by appearance.

  • Tariq Khan

    Tariq Khan

     2 years ago +64

    Prime Example of Never Judge a book by its Cover.

  • Isabel Faustino

    Isabel Faustino

     a years ago +78

    I guess she whipped the smirk off Piers face in a matter of seconds. That should teach him a lesson. Well done Susan!!!!!😘

  • ram7bow


     a years ago +357

    I bet I've watched this 300 times ..I get more emotional every time I go back and watch it...God Bless the Innocent..,..

  • Wise Woman

    Wise Woman

     a years ago +73

    So beautiful. Such talent. Every time I see this, I cry . Susan, you are brilliant. Your voice is from Heaven.

  • Sarah Bouwer

    Sarah Bouwer

     9 months ago +17

    Still the best audition ever ., still watching it 10 years later

  • NFM89


     4 years ago +156

    She sounds like a person who would sing in Disney movies

  • Mark Newsom

    Mark Newsom

     2 years ago +90

    later she got a duet with Elaine Page. and became a millionaire, from singing. I guess not unemployed now....

  • Clara Holloway

    Clara Holloway

     a years ago +26

    4:02 Simon looks like a little boy crushing on his teacher, daydreaming of their wedding. LOL

  • atdlusdriver


     4 years ago +114

    It's sad that we humans are so preoccupied with the idea of outward beauty--- That we would presume to HEAR what we SEE.  Instead of listening with our hearts.  Be thankful for your outward beauty, if you got it--- and if so, ask yourself this question: Do you really deserve it?

  • Vahe Kashiktchian

    Vahe Kashiktchian

     a years ago +153

    I get emotional every time I watch this performance. I also will never stop watching this, because it never gets old!

  • Ethan Serfling

    Ethan Serfling

     4 years ago +211

    Susan Boyle's voice makes me think about all the things in the entire universe that are truly beautiful, there may be horrible things around us, but there is also great beauty around us and Susan has proven that a lot of things we take for granted are truly beautiful

  • Johnny Vincent

    Johnny Vincent

     3 years ago +119

    Her voice is so awesome that she literally hypnotized simon



     5 years ago +123

    1:24 the way she roller her eyes to Susan. I hate that. I hate that so much.

  • Trevor  Brown

    Trevor Brown

     2 years ago +190

    I will never stop watching this clip until I die . every time you watch ,it get sweeter and sweeter
    Dont? I need some bigYes